Genetic diversity in wild (Sus scrofa scrofa)and domestic (Sus scrofa domestica) pigs and their hybrids based on polymorphism of a fragment of the D-loop region in the mitochondrial DNA

S.F. Grossi, J.F. Lui, J.E. Garcia, F.V. Meirelles
Published October 6, 2006
Genet. Mol. Res. 5 (4): 564-568 (2006)

About the authors
S.F. Grossi, J.F. Lui, J.E. Garcia, F.V. Meirelles

Corresponding author
F.V. Meirelles


We examined the variation in mitochondrial DNA by sequencing the D-loop region in wild and domestic (large-white breed) pigs, in hybrids between domestic and wild pigs, and in Monteiro pigs. A D-loop fragment of approximately 330 bp was amplified by PCR. Sequencing of DNA amplicons identified haplotypes previously described as European and Asian types. Monteiro pigs and wild pigs had European haplotypes and domestic pigs had both European and Asian haplotypes. 

Key words: Exotic animals, Genetic diversity, Evolution, Molecular genetic.

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