Thalles Barbosa Grangeiro, Daniel Macedo de Melo Jorge, Walderly Melga CO Bezerra, Ana Tereza Ribeiro Vasconcelos, Andrew John George Simpson
Published: March 31, 2004
Genet. Mol. Res. 3 (1) : 117-133

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T.Barbosa Grangeiro, D.Macedo de Jorge, W. Melgaco Bezerra, A.Tereza Rib Vasconcelos, A.John Georg Simpson (2004). Transport genes of Chromobacterium violaceum: an overview. Genet. Mol. Res. 3(1): 117-133.

About the Authors 
Thalles Barbosa Grangeiro, Daniel Macedo de Melo Jorge, Walderly Melgaco Bezerra, Ana Tereza Ribeiro Vasconcelos, Andrew John George S.impson

Corresponding author
T.B. Grangeiro


The complete genome sequence of the free-living bacterium Chromobacterium violaceum has been determined by a consortium of laboratories in Brazil. Almost 500 open reading frames (ORFs) coding for transport-related membrane proteins were identified in C. violaceum, which represents 11% of all genes found. The main class of transporter proteins is the primary active transporters (212 ORFs), followed by electrochemical potential-driven transporters (154 ORFs) and channels/pores (62 ORFs). Read More . . .

Key words: Genome, Bacterium, Transporters, Membrane, Biotechnology.

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