Mapping of major quantitative trait loci for economic traits of silkworm cocoon

Z. Lie, L. Cheng, D. Fang-yin and F. Shou-min
Published January 19, 2010
Genet. Mol. Res. 9 (1): 78-88 (2010)

About the Authors
Z. Lie, L. Cheng, D. Fang-yin and F. Shou-min

Corresponding author:
L. Cheng


The quantitative trait loci (QTLs) associated with cocoon traits in silkworms were mapped in 44 individuals of a backcross of Dazao females with hybrid F1 males; the hybrid males were from females of inbred C100 strain, which have white cocoons and superior cocoon traits, crossed with males of inbred strain Dazao, which have green cocoons and inferior cocoon traits. Nineteen putative major QTLs of silkworm cocoon traits, five QTLs of whole cocoon weight, four QTLs of cocoon shell weight, six QTLs of pupa weight, and four QTLs of cocoon shell rate were scattered across nine linkage groups. The variances explained by QTLs for whole cocoon weight, cocoon shell weight, pupa weight, and cocoon shell rate were 51.0, 73.69, 51.80, and 59.52%, respectively. The numbers of major QTLs with contributions above 10% for these traits were two, three, two, and four, respectively.

Key words: Bombyx mori; Economic traits; Silkworm cocoon; Composite interval mapping; Quantitative trait loci.

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