Biology, Genetics and Evolution of Bees – Dedicatory Session in Honor of Brazilian Bee Research Pioneer, Warwick Estevam Kerr

Lionel Segui Gonçalves
Published: May 12, 2009
Genet. Mol. Res. 8 (2) : 507-507

About the Authors
Lionel Segui Gonçalves

In this special session of the journal Genetics and Molecular Research, we honor Dr. Warwick Estevam Kerr, a great Brazilian scientist, famous for his work on bee genetics. Known and admired by all for his astute vision of what is essential and important, Dr. Kerr has always been a tremendous promoter of cooperative research. The articles published in this session were written by his former students, many of them students of his students, as well as by collaborating researchers and admirers, and were especially prepared for this session. Dr. Kerr has dedicated nearly all of his life to science, to his country, to his neighbors, to nature, and especially to the study of bees. Read more. . .

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