Cross-amplification tests of ungulate primersin the endangered Neotropical pampas deer(Ozotoceros bezoarticus)

M. Cosse, S. González, J.E. Maldonado
Published December 11, 2007
Genet. Mol. Res. 6 (4): 1118-1122 (2007)

About the authors
M. Cosse, S. González, J.E. Maldonado

Corresponding author
M. Cosse


In cross-species amplification tests of 15 ungulate primers in pampas deer, five were retained to form a small panel of highly polymorphic loci that could be used to efficiently screen populations of this endangered species. The polymerase chain reactions were performed incorporating the universal fluorescent labeled M13 (-21) primer. In 69 pampas deer, average allelic diversity was 15, expected heterozygosity was 0.869 and the mean polymorphic information content value was 0.847. Paternity exclusion probabilities over loci were NE-1P = 0.01336 and NE-2P = 0.00135, and combined non-exclusion probability of identity was P(ID) = 3 x 10-8.

Key words: Bovidae, Cervidae, Cross-species amplification, Microsatellite, Pampas deer

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