Morphology and protein patterns of honeybee drone accessory glands

Carminda da Cruz Landim, Rodrigo Pires Dallacqua
Published September 1, 2005
Genet. Mol. Res. 4 (3): 473-481 (2005)

About the Authors
Carminda da Cruz Landim, Rodrigo Pires Dallacqua

Corresponding author
C.C. Landim


We used light and transmission electron microscopy to examine the morphology of the accessory glands of immature and mature adult males of Apis mellifera L. We also made an electrophoretic analysis of the protein content of the mature gland. The glands of the immature male actively secrete a mucous substance that can be seen in the lumen of the gland of the mature male. This secretion stains with mercury bromophenol blue and with periodic acid-Schiff reaction, which stain glyconjugates. The protein content was higher in the lumen secretion than in the gland wall extracts. The electrophoresis patterns of the wall extracts were different from those of the secretion found in the gland lumen.

Key words: Bee, Apis mellifera, Reproductive apparatus, Mucus gland.

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