Association of eye and neurological diseases

Sebastiano Bianca, Marco Bianca, Carmela Ingegnosi
Published April 19, 2005
Genet. Mol. Res. 4 (2): 141-142 (2005)

About the Authors
Sebastiano Bianca, Marco Bianca, Carmela Ingegnosi

Corresponding author
S. Bianca

The finding of eye abnormalities in patients with neurological disease is important for both clinical management and genetic research (Miller and Newman, 2004). In fact, if we exclude degenerative, vascular and inflammatory causes of both eye and neurological pathologies, in some cases we have a genetic origin of conditions, and it is well known that there is eye involvement in numerous genetic syndromes and diseases characterized by neurological involvement. In a search for “eye and neurological disease” in the OMIM database, we found 27 different conditions (OMIM, 2004). Read more. . . 

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