An agent-based system for re-annotation of genomes

Leonardo Vianna do Nascimento, Ana L.C. Bazzan
Published September 30, 2005
Genet. Mol. Res. 4 (3): 571-580 (2005)

About the Authors
Leonardo Vianna do Nascimento, Ana L.C. Bazzan

Corresponding author
L.V. Nascimento


Genome annotation projects can produce incorrect results if they are based on obsolete data or inappropriate models. We have developed an automatic re-annotation system that uses agents to perform repetitive tasks and reports the results to the user. These tasks involve BLAST searches on biological databases (GenBank) and the use of detection tools (Genemark and Glimmer) to identify new open reading frames. Several agents execute these tools and combine their results to produce a list of open reading frames that is sent back to the user. Our goal was to reduce the manual work, executing most tasks automatically by computational tools. A prototype was implemented and validated using Mycoplasma pneumoniae and Haemophilus influenzae original annotated genomes. The results reported by the system identify most of new features present in the re-annotated versions of these genomes.

Key words: Re-annotation, Bioinformatics, Agent-based systems.

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