Size of beef cows: early ideas, new developments

Jesus A. Arango, L. Dale Van Vleck
Published: March 06, 2002
Genet. Mol. Res. 1 (1) : 51-63

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J.A. Arango, D. Van Vleck (2002). Size of beef cows: early ideas, new developments. Genet. Mol. Res. 1(1): 51-63.

About the Authors
Jesus A. Arango, L. Dale Van Vleck

Corresponding author
L.D. Van Vleck.

Optimum size for beef cattle is debated among researchers, cattle breeders and producers. Cattle vary widely in body size but optimal size depends on the production system. Selection has emphasized growth, favoring leaner and faster growing cattle. This trend has led to an increase in mature size of cattle that may not necessarily be advantageous. Many research results have indicated that there is not a direct relationship between size and efficiency in beef production if each biological type of cattle is managed according to its nutrient requirements for maximum reproduction and growth. Considering the wide diversity of environments and management practices within the beef industry in the world, however, a careful choice of the breed or cross is required to maximize efficiency for each situation. Read more…

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