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Alternative splicing; C4A gene; Dairy cattle; Mastitis; Transcription pattern

The complement system helps in the direct lysis of invading pathogens and modulates phagocytic, humoral and cellular immune responses. Complement 4 is a critical component in complement activity and protection against many bacterial pathogens because it is essential to classical and lectin activation pathways. We used reverse transcription and PCR to investigate alternative splicing and ... more

Y. Yang; J.M. Huang; Z.H. Ju; Q.L. Li; L. Zhou; R.L. Li; J.B. Li; F.X. Shi; J.F. Zhong; C.F. Wang
Dairy cattle; Lactoferrin; Mastitis; TLR4

Mastitis remains a major cattle disease with great global economic implications. Various approaches are currently employed in attempts to improve understanding of mastitis resistance and develop phenotypic markers for use in breeding programs (e.g., somatic cell score), including QTL discovery, wide-genome association studies, and identification of candidate genes related to immune ... more

A.M. Carvajal; P. Huircan; A. Lepori
Alternative splicing; SAGE; Tumorigenesis

Although alternative splicing of many genes has been found associated with different stages of tumorigenesis and splicing variants have been characterized as tumor markers, it is still not known whether these examples are sporadic or whether there is a broader association between the two phenomena. In this report we evaluated, through a bioinformatics approach, the expression of ... more

N. Kirschbaum-Slager; G.M.P. Lopes; P.A.F. Galante; G.J. Riggins; S.J. de Souza
Alternative splicing; Bull; Cow; Liver; PEPCK gene; Testis

Phosphoenolpyruvate carboxykinase 1 (PCK1), also named PEPCK-C, is a multiple-function gene that is involved in gluconeogenesis, glyceroneogenesis, reproduction, female fertility, and development of obesity and diabetes. How its many functions are regulated was largely unknown. Therefore, we investigated mRNA expression and possible splice variants of PCK1 ... more

Z.B. Zhang; W. Zhang; R.L. Li; J.B. Li; J.F. Zhong; Z.S. Zhao; J.M. Huang
Alternative splicing; Cancer-testis gene; Cloning; ODF3; ODF4

The outer dense fiber (ODF) genes encode proteins that co-assemble along the axoneme of the sperm tail. Recently, it was demonstrated that some ODF genes are aberrantly expressed in tumors, including prostate adenocarcinoma, basal cell carcinoma, and chronic myeloid lymphoma. We cloned ODF3 and ODF4 cDNA from the testis of a patient suffering from ... more

S. Ghafouri-Fard; S. Ghafouri-Fard; M.H. Modarressi
Alternative splicing; deletion; Dephosphorylation; GluR-B minigene; NSSR1

Neural salient serine/arginine-rich protein 1 (NSSR1, alternatively SRp38) is an important splicing factor that can repress pre-mRNA alternative splicing in cells during heat shock and mitosis. We show here that NSSR1 protein is dephosphorylated when cells are heat shocked or incubated with kinase inhibitor K252a. Both heat shock and K252a treatment increase the truncated splicing isoform ... more

W. Zhang; L.L. Li; X.H. Chen; Z.Y. Peng
Alternative splicing; CAPN3; Cattle; Transcript

Calpain-3 (CAPN3) is a member of the calpain family of Ca2+-regulated cysteine proteases, which play an important role in sarcomere remodeling and mitochondrial protein turnover, and thus, regulating beef tenderness in cattle. Currently, multiple CAPN3 transcripts have been detected in human, monkey, rat, and rabbit. However, whether this transcript is present in cattle remains ... more

S.Y. Liu; H. Jiang; B. Yuan; Y. Gao; L.S. Dai; J.B. Zhang
Dairy cattle; Fertility; Growth hormone; IGF-1; Single nucleotide polymorphism

The somatotrophic axis (GH-IGF) is a key regulator of animal growth and development, affecting performance traits that include milk production, growth rate, body composition, and fertility. The aim of this study was to quantify the association of previously identified SNPs in bovine growth hormone (GH1) and insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1) genes with direct ... more

M.P. Mullen; C.O. Lynch; S.M. Waters; D.J. Howard; P. O’Boyle; D.A. Kenny; F. Buckley; B. Horan; M.G. Diskin
ATP1A1 gene; Dairy cattle; Heat stress; K+-ATPase; Na+; SNP

Heat stress produces oxidative stress and affects the alternation of plasma K+ and Na+. Since Na+,K+-ATPase is sensitive to oxidative stress and critical for maintaining the homeostasis of these two ions, we examined the genetic polymorphism of the ATP1A1 gene in 160 Holstein cows using polymerase chain reaction low ionic strength ... more

Y.X. Liu; X. Zhou; D.Q. Li; Q.W. Cui; G.L. Wang
Covariance function; Dairy cattle; Genetic parameters; Milk yield persistency

With the objective of evaluating measures of milk yield persistency, 27,000 test-day milk yield records from 3362 first lactations of Brazilian Gyr cows that calved between 1990 and 2007 were analyzed with a random regression model. Random, additive genetic and permanent environmental effects were modeled using Legendre polynomials of order 4 and 5, respectively. Residual variance was ... more

R.J. Pereira; R.S. Verneque; P.S. Lopes; M.L. Santana; M.R. Lagrotta; R.A. Torres; A.E.Vercesi Filho; M.A. Machado