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Genetic variability; Microsatellite markers; Population structure; Tunisian indigenous sheep

The genetic diversity and genetic relationship of the two main groups of African sheep, thin-tailed and fat-tailed sheep, represented by the indigenous Tunisian sheep breeds “Barbarine” (BAR, fat-tailed) and “Queue Fine de l’Ouest” (QFO, thin-tailed) were investigated. The genotypes of 110 animals belonging to these two breeds and their crossbreed (CRO) were assessed using 17 ... more

Y. Ben Sassi-Zaidy; F. Maretto; F. Charfi-Cheikhrouha; A. Mohamed-Brahmi; M. Cassandro; Y. Ben Sassi-Zaidy; F. Maretto; F. Charfi-Cheikhrouha; A. Mohamed-Brahmi; M. Cassandro
Brazil nut; Brazilian Amazon; conservation genetics; Microsatellite markers; Tropical tree

Knowing the mating patterns is important to determine the number of trees necessary for seed collection for conservation ex situ, tree breeding and environmental reforestation purposes. We investigated B. excelsa individuals and fruits, to check mating system index variations in a population by using open-pollinated seeds which were hierarchically sampled within ... more

L.D. Giustina; A.B. Baldoni; H. Tonini; V.C.R. Azevedo; L.G. Neves; F.D. Tardin; A.M. Sebbenn
Glycine max; Horizontal resistance; Microsatellite markers; Phakopsora pachyrhizi; Plant breeding; Quantitative trait loci

Soybean rust is considered a highly aggressive disease in soybean crops. Most research has focused on obtaining resistant genotypes based on dominant or recessive alleles, which provide vertical resistance. The identification of promising crosses that may be used to develop genotypes with horizontal resistance from IAC 100 may help to increase the longevity of the ... more

F.C. Juliatti; K.R.C. Santos; T.P. Morais; B.C.M. Juliatti