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Genetic dissimilarity; Genetic purity; Microsatellite markers; Mixture of cultivars; Phaseolus vulgaris; Simple sequence repeat

The aim of this study was to evaluate genetic divergence in the ‘Carioca’ (beige with brown stripes) common bean cultivar used by different institutions and in 16 other common bean cultivars used in the Rede Cooperativa de Pesquisa de Feijão (Cooperative Network of Common Bean Research), by using simple sequence repeats associated with agronomic traits that are highly distributed in the common ... more

J.S. Veloso; W. Silva; L.R. Pinheiro; J.Bdos Santos; N.S. Fonseca; M.P. Euzebio
Combining ability; Heterosis; Line x tester analysis; Salinity; Seedlings; Tomato

We attempted to find the suitable parents for the development of tomato hybrids for high salt soils by exploiting combining ability, gene action and heterosis. Six salt-tolerant and three salt-intolerant genotypes, along with their 18 F1 crosses, were evaluated at seedling stage under 10 and 15 dS/m (NaCl) salinity stress, compared to the control level of salinity. The experiment was laid ... more

A. Saeed; M.Q. Shahid; S.A. Anjum; A.A. Khan; A. Shakeel; M.F. Saleem; N. Saeed
Breeding; Cucumber; Germination; Mutation; Seedlings; Weight

We attempted to create a new germplasm of cucumber cultivar Chinese long (9930) using different doses of ethyl methyl sulfonate (EMS) to induce variability. We tested EMS concentration (0, 0.5, 1.0, 1.5, 2, 3% v/v) with post-treatment (0.1 M Na2S2O3 and water), EMS concentration (0, 0.5, 1.0, 1.5% v/v) over different treatment times (8, 16, 24 h), and EMS ... more

S.N.M. Shah; Z.H. Gong; M.H. Arisha; A. Khan; S.L. Tian
Chimera; Chloroplasts; Cold Temperature; Fatty acids; Lipid peroxidation; Oryza; Photosynthesis; Seedlings; Stress, Physiological

To elucidate the resistance of high-yield hybrid rice (Oryza sativa L.) at the seedling stage to low temperature, photosynthetic characteristics, such as membrane lipid peroxidation, fatty acid composition, and chloroplast ultrastructure, were investigated in a newly developed super-hybrid rice ('Liangyoupeijiu') and a traditional chill-sensitive hybrid rice ('Shanyou63'), with 20°C as the ... more

D.W. Shi; X.D. Wei; G.X. Chen
Arecaceae; Genetics, Population; Polymorphism, Genetic; Population Density; Seedlings; Waxes

The objective of this study was to assess the spatial genetic structure (SGS) at different life stages (cohorts) in a remnant population (N = 101) of Copernicia prunifera in the semiarid region of northeastern Brazil. Using seven inter-simple sequence repeat molecular markers, we were able to analyze 93 loci with 100% polymorphism. Seedlings had the highest level of genetic diversity (H = 0. ... more

F.A. Vieira; R.F. Sousa; C.G. Fajardo; M.M. Brandão
Antioxidants; Carotenoids; Plant Leaves; Reactive oxygen species; Seedlings; Tobacco; Ultraviolet Rays

Carotenoids are important components of plant antioxidant systems, which protect photosystems from photooxidative destruction during ultraviolet-B (UV-B) exposure. The influence of carotenoids on total antioxidant capacity (TAC) of plants has rarely been studied. In this study, tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum L., 'K326') seedlings exposed to UV-B radiation were used in order to evaluate the effects ... more

J. Shen; C.Q. Jiang; Y.F. Yan; B.R. Liu; C.L. Zu
Drone; Genetic dissimilarity; Geotechnology; Leaf area index; NDRE; NDVI

The culture of summer squash (Cucurbita pepo) has great socioeconomic importance worldwide. Characterization of C. pepo germplasm has been predominantly performed by field evaluations, which is very time consuming. Thus, the validation of new techniques capable of optimizing time for the field germplasm selection process would be useful. We ... more

I.F. Beloti; G.M. Maciel; R.B.A. Gallis; R.R. Finzi; A.A. Clemente; A.C.S. Siquieroli; F.C. Juliatti
Correlations between traits; Genetic divergence; Multivariate analysis; Plant breeding

The aim of this study was to use multivariate methods and Pearson and partial correlations to disregard phenotypic characteristics that contribute little to differentiation between Brachiaria ruziziensis genotypes. Eighty-one genotypes of B. ruziziensis were assessed in completely randomized blocks with three replications. Ten phenotypic characteristics were assessed: ... more

B.A. Rezende; C.B. Ribeiro; D.H.L. Teixeira; F.M.A. Gonçalves; S. Sobrinho; B.A. Rezende; C.B. Ribeiro; D.H.L. Teixeira; F.M.A. Gonçalves; S. Sobrinho; B.A. Rezende; C.B. Ribeiro; D.H.L. Teixeira; F.M.A. Gonçalves; S. Sobrinho
Coffea arabica; Genetic divergence; Multivariate analysis; Plant breeding

In a coffee plantation of a coffee ‘Acaiá’ cultivar (Coffea arabica), on the Midwest of Minas Gerais in Capitólio city, a different kind of coffee tree was found (1989), possibly due to a mutation. It presented larger leaves and grains than those of conventional coffee trees and was named as “Big Coffee VL.” The aim of this study was to estimate the ... more

J.A. Silva; S.P. Carvalho; A.T. Bruzi; R.J. Guimarães; L.L. Oliveira; L.C. Simões; J.A. Silva; S.P. Carvalho; A.T. Bruzi; R.J. Guimarães; L.L. Oliveira; L.C. Simões
Genetic divergence; Microsatellite marker; Specialty maize; Zea mays

In view of the narrow genetic base of popcorn, probably due to its evolution by selection from flint maize types alone, knowledge about genetic divergence is imperative for the formation of heterotic groups. Thus, our objective was to identify heterotic groups of popcorn lines; we did so by exploiting the representative genotype collection of the Active Popcorn ... more

C. Vittorazzi; A.T.Amaral Júnior; A.G. Guimarães; F.H.L. Silva; G.F. Pena; R.F. Daher; I.F.S. Gerhardt; G.H.F. Oliveira; P.H.A.D. Santos; Y.P. Souza; S.H. Kamphorst; V.J. Lima