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Genetic polymorphism; Genotype; Haplotype; Killer cell immunoglobulin-like receptor (KIR); Polymerase chain reaction-sequence specific primers

The aim of this study was to explore the genetic polymorphism, genotype, and haplotype characteristics of the KIR locus in the Xinjiang Han population in order to establish a foundation for future analysis of the relationship between KIR genes and disease. KIR genes were detected by sequence-specific primer-polymerase chain reaction in 184 randomly selected, ... more

G.Y. Lin; B. Yu; W.J. Hu; Y.Z. Zhang; X.J. Zuo; Y.B. Wang
Brazil; Correlation; Genotype; Minas Gerais; Phenotype; Phenylketonuria

Phenylalanine hydroxylase deficiency is a trait inherited in an autosomal recessive pattern; the associated phenotype varies considerably. This variation is mainly due to the considerable allelic heterogeneity in the phenylalanine hydroxylase enzyme locus. We examined the genotype-phenotype correlation in 54 phenylketonuria (PKU) patients from Minas Gerais, Brazil. Two systems were used. ... more

L.L. Santos; C.G. Fonseca; A.L.P. Starling; J.N. Januário; M.J.B. Aguiar; M.G.C.D. Peixoto; M.R.S. Carvalho
Genotype; RAPD; Resistance; Varroa destructor

The mite Varroa destructor is the main pest causing damage to apiculture worldwide. In Brazil and other parts of the world, where bees of African origin and their hybrids predominate, the bees can survive these mites without treatment. Studies have shown a correlation between the various genotypes of the mite and its fertility in different geographical regions. Information about ... more

J.C.V. Guerra; M.R.C. Issa; F.E. Carneiro; R. Strapazzon; G. Moretto

We investigated the polymorphisms of PRLR and FOLR1 genes in Xinong Saanen, Guanzhong, and Boer goat breeds by DNA sequencing and PCR–RFLP. Two novel SNPs were identified: KC109741: g.62130C>T in the 3ꞌ-UTR of goat gene PRLR, and KC136296: g.7884A>C in exon 3 of goat gene FOLR1. In the three goat breeds, the polymorphism information content was 0. ... more

J.X. Hou; F. Fang; X.P. An; Y. Yan; T. Ma; P. Han; F.X. Meng; Y.X. Song; J.G. Wang; B.Y. Cao
Genotype; MRSA; Rifampicin; rpoB; Staphylococcus aureus

High-level methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) isolates show rapid evolution of rifampicin resistance, forcing reliance upon expensive and often inferior antibiotics to manage these infections. Accordingly, this study was conducted to: 1) evaluate the level of multidrug resistance among hospital-associated MRSA isolates from Chennai, India; 2) determine their ... more

K. Murugan; K. Kavitha; S. Al-Sohaibani
FMF; Haplotype; MDR1; Polymorphism; Turkey

The multidrug resistance (MDR1) gene encodes a P-glycoprotein that plays a key role in drug bioavailability and response to drugs in different human populations. More than 50 SNPs have been described for the MDR1 gene. Familial Mediterranean fever (FMF) is considered an autosomal recessive hereditary disease, associated with a single gene named the Mediterranean fever gene (MEFV). However ... more

A. Rüstemoglu; G. Gümüş-Akay; S. Yigit; T. Tasliyurt
China (CHB); Chinese Han in Beijing; Haplotype; Linkage disequilibrium; Tibetan; UGT1A

As part of a series of pharmacogenomics studies of the Chinese population, we investigated genetic polymorphisms of some UGT1A regions. The three genes that were analyzed were UGT1A9, 1A7, and 1A1; we sequenced their exons, together with promoters, surrounding introns and 3'-untranslated regions (3ꞌUTR) in 100 unrelated-healthy Chinese Tibetan individuals. We compared the data with ... more

W. Yan; Y.W. Wang; F.F. Yang; M. Wang; X.Q. Zhang; J. Dong; E. Chen; J. Yang
Haplotype; Male infertility; Single nucleotide polymorphism; UBE2B

The ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme 2B gene (UBE2B) is involved in the regular and symmetric organization of the fibrous sheath of sperm flagella. This study aimed to examine the relationship between single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in UBE2B and infertility in Northeast Chinese men. We carried out a polymerase chain reaction-restriction fragment length polymorphism ... more

Y. Hu; W. Wen; J.G. Yu; S.Q. Qu; S.S. Wang; J. Liu; B.S. Li; Y. Luo
HAPE; Haplogroup; Haplotype; Hypoxia; Mitochondrial DNA; mtSNP

High-altitude pulmonary edema (HAPE) is a life-threatening condition caused by acute exposure to high altitude. Accumulating evidence suggests that genetic factors play an important role in the etiology of HAPE. However, conclusions from association studies have been hindered by limited sample size due to the rareness of this disease. It is known that mitochondria are critical for hypoxic ... more

Y.J. Luo; W.X. Gao; S.Z. Li; X.W. Huang; Y. Chen; F.Y. Liu; Q.Y. Huang; Y.Q. Gao
Chinese Hui population; Haplotype; Polymorphism; Rheumatoid arthritis; TIM-1

The T-cell immunoglobulin and mucin domain 1 (TIM-1) is known to be associated with susceptibility to rheumatoid arthritis (RA). We investigated the association of four single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in the promoter region of the TIM-1 gene with susceptibility to RA in a Chinese Hui ethnic minority group. Using RFLP or sequence specific primer-PCR, 118 RA patients and 118 non- ... more

J.R. Xu; Y. Yang; X.M. Liu; J.Y. Sun; Y.J. Wang