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Case-control studies; Dopamine; Frequency; Genetic polymorphism; Nursing; Receptors; Schizophrenia

Schizophrenia is considered one of the most severe and complex mental disorders; it affects both the quality of life of the patient and his family. The dopamine hypothesis is the main concept concerning antipsychotic activity. Patients with treatment-refractory schizophrenia have a lower capacity for dopamine synthesis than those with a good response to first- ... more

F.D.D. Nunes; J.A.F. Pinto; P.H.B. Freitas; L.L. Santos; R.M. Machado
Apolipoprotein B; Child; Genetic variation; Hyperlipidemia; Nephrotic syndrome

Apolipoprotein B (apoB) gene 3' variable number of tandem repeat (VNTR) is highly variable, and therefore can be an informative marker for associative analysis of lipid metabolism. This is the first report focusing on a possible association of apoB VNTR polymorphism with nephrotic hyperlipidemia. Genomic DNA was extracted from 500 children with primary nephrotic syndrome (PNS) and 500 ... more

P. Hu; B. Hu; Y.H. Qin; L. Lu; Z.Q. Li; L.Q. Tao; Q. Pei; J. Chen
Adolescent; Children; PTPN22; Type 1 diabetes mellitus

Previous studies have indicated that the protein tyrosine phosphatase nonreceptor type 22 gene (PTPN22) is associated with type 1 diabetes (T1DM) in the Caucasian population. In the present study, we investigated the relationship between PTPN22 genetic polymorphisms and T1DM in Chinese children. A total of 202 children and adolescents with T1DM and 240 healthy control ... more

H.W. Liu; R.Y. Xu; R.P. Sun; Q. Wang; J.L. Liu; W. Ge; Z. Yu
Adolescent; Genetics; Idiopathic; Muscle; Polymorphism; Scoliosis

Several theories have been proposed to explain the etiology of adolescent idiopathic scoliosis (AIS), but none is conclusive. One such theory suggests the primary involvement of muscles due to myopathy, mainly affecting the erector and paravertebral rotator muscles. Studies indicate that there may be an association of AIS with genetic polymorphisms previously ... more

M. Wajchenberg; D.E. Martins; R.P. Luciano; R.C. Araujo; B. Schmidt; A.B.S. Oliveira; E.B. Puertas; S.S. Almeida; F. Faloppa
APC; Coronary heart disease; male; rs383830

APC is a tumor suppressor gene that is involved in the processes of cell migration and adhesion, transcriptional activation, and apoptosis. The goal of this study was to evaluate the contribution of the APC rs383830 polymorphism to coronary heart disease (CHD) in Han Chinese. A total of 783 patients with CHD and 737 controls were tested in the current association study. Although ... more

J.Y. Zhong; X.W. Zheng; H.D. Ye; H.B. Cui; W.P. Du; Z.X. Zhang; X.H. Fei; S.Y. Lin; J. Wang; J. Su; X.M. Chen; S.W. Duan
male; Mutation; Polymerase chain reaction; Steroid-resistant nephrotic syndrome; WT1

Mutations in the Wilms’ tumor gene, WT1, can lead to syndromic steroid-resistant nephrotic syndrome and isolated steroid-resistant nephrotic syndrome. WT1 mutations have been identified in the majority of children with Denys-Drash or Frasier syndrome. WT1 mutations have not previously been identified in boys with sporadic isolated steroid-resistant nephrotic ... more

Y. Yang; F. Zhao; X. Tu; Z. Yu; Y. Yang; F. Zhao; X. Tu; Z. Yu
Infant; p-JAK1/p-STAT6/SOCS5; Vitamin D; Weaning rats

Asthma is a chronic inflammatory disease of the airways with variable airflow obstruction and bronchial hyper-responsiveness. It is believed that Th2-derived cytokines orchestrate the asthmatic response and the maintenance of the balance of Th1/Th2 plays a crucial role in prevention of asthma. Moreover, 1,25(OH)2D3, the biologically activate form of vitamin D, was reported with ... more

X. Chen; S.Q. Rao; B.H. Gao; Z.Q. Jiang
Drug resistance; Infant; Newborn; Sepsis; Streptococcus agalactiae

With the advent of antibiotic resistance, pathogenic bacteria have become a major threat in cases of neonatal sepsis; however, guidelines for treatment have not yet been standardized. In this study, 15 cases of neonatal Streptococcus agalactiae sepsis from our hospital were retrospectively analyzed. Of these, nine cases showed early-onset and six cases showed late-onset sepsis. ... more

S.J. Zeng; X.S. Tang; W.L. Zhao; H.X. Qiu; H. Wang; Z.C. Feng; S.J. Zeng; X.S. Tang; W.L. Zhao; H.X. Qiu; H. Wang; Z.C. Feng
Animals; Apoptosis; Cells, Cultured; Chorionic Gonadotropin; Dose-Response Relationship, Drug; Female; Gene Expression Regulation; Gonadotropins, Equine; Horses; In Vitro Oocyte Maturation Techniques; Oocytes; Receptors, FSH; Receptors, LH; Receptors, LHRH; Sheep

We assessed the effects of equine chorionic gonadotropin (eCG) on oocyte in vitro maturation (IVM), apoptosis, and follicle-stimulating hormone receptor (FSHR), luteinizing hormone receptor (LHR), and gonadotropin-releasing hormone receptor (GnRHR) expression and mRNA levels. Cumulus-oocyte complexes (COCs) were recovered from sheep ovaries and pooled in groups, before being cultured in IVM ... more

S.C. Wei; Z.D. Gong; H.W. Zhao; H.Q. Liang; L.J. Lai; Y.Y. Deng
Animals; Avian Proteins; Chickens; Female; Genetic association studies; Genotype; Insulin-like growth factor I; Phenotype; Polymorphism, Single-Stranded Conformational; Quantitative trait loci; Reproduction; Selection, Genetic

The insulin-like growth factor, IGF-I, plays an important role in the development of growth and reproductive traits. Single-strand conformation polymorphism analysis was used to detect and analyze polymorphisms and expression profiles of the IGF-I gene and its association with growth and reproductive traits of Jinghai yellow chickens. A point mutation g.295T>C was detected in the IGF-I gene ... more

M.A. Abdalhag; T. Li; L. Duan; T. Zhang; G. Zhang; J. Wang; Y. Wang