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Fruit quality; Fruit shelf life; Plant breeding; Plant genetic resources; Tomato

The effects of wild germplasm on tomato fruit shelf life have not yet been completely evaluated. Three different genotypes of Lycopersicon esculentum (a cultivated variety, a homozygote for nor and a homozygote for rin), LA1385 of L. esculentum var. cerasiforme, LA722 of L. pimpinellifolium, and 10 diallel hybrids were assayed. Mean ... more

G. Pratta; L.A. Picardi; R. Zorzoli
Cultivated and weedy types; Geographical distribution; Morphological traits; Perilla frutescens; Principal components analysis
In this study, we detected the morphological variation of
91 Perilla accessions from Northern and Southern China by the
measurement of 7 quantitative and 10 qualitative characters. The
accessions of cultivated var. frutescens were significantly different from
accessions of weedy var. frutescens and cultivated and weedy types of
S.J. Ma; J.K. Lee
Genetic variation; Morphometric; Multivariate analysis; RAPD; Rastrelliger spp

Mackerel (Scombridae; Rastrelliger) are small commercially important pelagic fish found in tropical regions. They serve as a cheap source of animal protein and are commonly used as live bait. By using a truss morphometrics protocol and RAPD analysis, we examined morphological and genetic variation among 77 individual mackerel that were caught using long lines and gillnets at 11 ... more

M.N. Darlina; A.R. Masazurah; P. Jayasankar; A.F.J. Jamsari; A.M.N. Siti
Capsicum chinensis; Multi-categorical variables; Multivariate analysis; Physicochemical traits

We estimated the genetic diversity of 49 accessions of the hot pepper species Capsicum chinensis through analyses of 12 physicochemical traits of the fruit, eight multi-categorical variables, and with 32 RAPD primers. Data from the physicochemical traits were submitted to analysis of variance to estimate the genetic parameters, and their means were clustered by the Scott-Knott ... more

F.L. Finger; S.D. Lannes; A.R. Schuelter; J. Doege; A.P. Comerlato; L.S.A. Gonçalves; F.R.A. Ferreira; L.R. Clovis; C.A. Scapim
Breeding; Genotype x environment interaction; Multivariate analysis; Passiflora

This study analyzed the genotype x environment interaction (GE) for the juice productivity (JuProd) of 12 yellow passion fruit varieties (Passiflora edulis Sims. f. flavicarpa Deg.) using additive main effects and multiplicative interaction (AMMI) model and auxiliary parameters. The experiments were conducted in eight environments of Bahia State, Brazil, using ... more

E.J. Oliveira; J.P.X. Freitas; O.N. Jesus
Genetic diversity; Germplasm characterization; Multivariate analysis; Saccharum spp

We evaluated the genetic diversity of 77 clones of sugarcane used in crosses made by the Brazilian interuniversity network for the development of the sugar/energy sector (RIDESA) breeding program. Characterization of the genotypes was carried out at the ratoon stage, based on eight morphological traits and seven agronomic traits. Diversity analysis was carried out beginning with the Ward ... more

B.P. Brasileiro; C.D. Marinho; P.M.A. Costa; E.F.A. Moreira; L.A. Peternelli; M.H.P. Barbosa
EGFL7; Hepatocellular carcinoma; Marker; Multivariate analysis; OPN; PGE2

Invasion, metastasis, and recurrence are the most common causes of death in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) and are therefore critical factors for both therapy and prognosis. Current methods for diagnosis of HCC rely mainly on serological markers such as alpha-fetoprotein and liver enzymes, together with physical assessment and imaging techniques. The availability of more ... more

X.J. Liu; B. Wang; W.G. Jiang; Y.J. Li; J.B. Liu; M. Zhang
Multivariate analysis; Pathologic nipple discharge; Univariate analysis

The cause of pathologic nipple discharge is mainly benign lesions, but there is still a possibility of malignancy. Pathologic nipple discharge may be the only or the first symptom of breast cancer. This study aimed to investigate the clinical factors associated with lesions in patients with pathologic nipple discharge using a retrospective analysis of clinical data in 207 cases. The ... more

L. Yang; D. Wu; Z.M. Fan