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Anti-Bacterial Agents; Antifungal Agents; Carbon Dioxide; Flowers; Plant Extracts; Solanaceae

Brunfelsia genus is traditionally utilized in popular medicine due to its antibacterial and antifungal properties to name but a few. However, studies on the antimicrobial activity of Brunfelsia uniflora flower oleoresin have not been found yet. This study aimed to evaluate the chemical composition and antimicrobial activity of B. uniflora flower oleoresin obtained by supercritical carbon ... more

L.C.T. Thiesen; E. Y Y Sugauara; V. Tešević; J. Glamočlija; M. Soković; J.E. Gonçalves; Z.C. Gazim; G.A. Linde; N.B. Colauto
Flowers; Genotype; Plant breeding; Plant Development; Polymorphism, Genetic; Quantitative Trait, Heritable; Selection, Genetic; Zea mays

The aims of this study were to assess the linear relationships between agronomic and nutritional traits and to identify promising traits for indirect selection in early and super-early maturing maize genotypes. Two trials were run in the 2009/2010 agricultural year, each consisting of a randomized block design with three replications. One trial was run on 36 early maturing maize genotypes and ... more

B.M. Alves; C. Filho
2017 Aug 17
Acyclic Monoterpenes; Antioxidants; beta Carotene; Diterpenes; Flowers; Linoleic Acid; Oleanolic acid; Phytol; Plant Extracts; Plant Leaves; Solanaceae; Tocopherols

In this study, the temperature and pressure of supercritical CO extraction were evaluated to obtain oleoresin of Brunfelsia uniflora leaves and flowers. The oleoresin compounds were identified by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry. The antioxidant activity was evaluated by three different methods. The highest oleoresin yields were 3.32% at 40°C and 200 bar for the leaves, and 1.03% at 60°C ... more

L.F. Jorge; A.B. Meniqueti; R.F. Silva; K.A. Santos; E.A. Da Silva; J.E. Gonçalves; C.M. De Rezende; N.B. Colauto; Z.C. Gazim; G.A. Linde
Brazil; Chromosomes, Plant; Flowers; Hybridization, Genetic; Orchidaceae; Pigmentation; Ploidies; Polymorphism, Genetic

Studies addressing chromosome variations have elucidated many points regarding the taxonomy of the Orchidaceae. Epidendrum L. besides being one the largest orchid genera, present remarkable morphological, and inter- and intraspecific chromosome variations. Thus, based on a previous report on flower color variation in individuals of E. ibaguense (magenta, pink, white, and red), our aim was to ... more

S.R. Nóbrega; A.L.F. Coelho; C.F. Verola; I.R. Costa; R. Vilaça; F.J.F. Luz; W.F. Araújo