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Amino acid transporter; Branched-chain amino acid; Gene expression; Pigs

Excess Leu reduces the availability of Ile and Val in pigs likely by reducing absorption of the latter amino acids (AA). Twenty-four crossbred pigs were used to evaluate the effect of excess Leu alone or with surplus Ile and Val on the expression of cationic (b0,+AT and CAT1) and neutral (B0AT1) AA transporters in the small intestine, liver, and skeletal ... more

M. Cervantes; N. Arce; H. García; M. Cota; J.K. Htoo; A. Morales
Carotenoid; Citrus; Gene expression; Stability

Red-fleshed oranges (Citrus sinensis) contain high levels of carotenoids and lycopene. The growing consumer demand for products with health benefits has increased interest in these types of Citrus cultivars as a potential source of nutraceuticals. However, little is known about the physiology of these cultivars under Brazilian conditions. Transcriptome and gene ... more

T.T. Pinheiro; D.S. Nishimura; F.B. De Nadai; A. Figueira; R.R. Latado
BP neural network; Colon cancer; Gene expression; S-Kohonen neural network; SVM neural network

Based on gene expression, we have classified 53 colon cancer patients with UICC II into two groups: relapse and no relapse. Samples were taken from each patient, and gene information was extracted. Of the 53 samples examined, 500 genes were considered proper through analyses by S-Kohonen, BP, and SVM neural networks. Classification accuracy obtained by S-Kohonen neural network reaches 91 ... more

H.P. Hu; Z.J. Niu; Y.P. Bai; X.H. Tan
Bovine mammary epithelial cells; Deep sequencing; Escherichia coli; Gene expression; Klebsiella pneumoniae; Staphylococcus aureus

The goal of this study was to characterize the transcriptome of primary bovine mammalian epithelial cells (pBMECs) and to identify candidate genes for response and resistance to Staphylococcus aureus (strain S108), Escherichia coli (strain E23), and Klebsiella pneumoniae (strain K96) infection. Using Solexa sequencing, approximately 4.9 million total sequence tags ... more

L. Xiu; Y.B. Fu; Y. Deng; X.J. Shi; Z.Y. Bian; A. Ruhan; X. Wang
Barley; Drought stress; Gene cloning; Gene expression; HbSINA4; Hordeum vulgare

Hulless barley is an important crop cereal in Tibetan, China. Drought is a major abiotic stress in barley production. In this study, we cloned the drought-related HbSINA4 gene from the variety ‘Himalaya 10’ and analyzed its expression patterns under different drought and rehydration conditions. The cDNA of HbSINA4 was 1052 bp long, including an open reading frame of 771 ... more

H.J. Yuan; X.M. Luo; T.S. Nyima; Y.L. Wang; Q.J. Xu; X.Q. Zeng
DNA microarray; Gastric cancer cells; Gene expression; Tumor spheres

The purpose of this study was to screen for genes that were differentially expressed between a human gastric carcinoma cell line (HGC-27) and their tumor spheres, using the gene chip technique. The HGC-27 cells and tumor sphere cells were cultured in vitro in a sterile environment. Total RNA was extracted from both samples and purified using a standard TRIzol reagent. Total RNA ... more

W.H. Shi; Y.B. Yu; Z.Y. Li; X.C. Guo; Z.L. Wei; Z.H. Zheng
Gene expression; H22 hepatoma; Luteolin; Tumor tissue

The purpose of our study was to observe the effects of luteolin on the expression of the genes ICAM-1, LFA-3, and PCNA in H22 hepatoma tissue. Sixty ICR (Institute of Cancer Research) mice with H22 hepatoma were randomly divided into five groups: a normal saline control group, low-, medium-, and high-dose luteolin groups, and a cyclophosphamide group. The mice ... more

J.X. Niu; H.P. Guo; H.M. Gan; L.D. Bao; J.J. Ren
Cloning; Gene expression; Insulin-like growth factor-binding protein; Nanjiang brown goat

Insulin-like growth factor-binding proteins (IGFBPs) play a key role in modulating insulin-like growth factors (IGFs), and are considered candidate genes for growth traits in livestock. In this study, we identified the complete coding sequences of IGFBP-1 to -6 in the Nanjiang brown goat, and assessed gene tissue expression patterns by quantitative polymerase chain ... more

S.Y. Zhan; L. Chen; L. Li; L.J. Wang; T. Zhong; H.P. Zhang
Embryonic stem cell; Fibroblast; Gene expression; Induced pluripotent stem cell

We investigated gene expression in embryonic stem (ES) cells, induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells, and fibroblasts. Microarray expression data sets obtained from the Gene Expression Omnibus were analyzed using the Partek software. Human genes from ES cells, iPS cells, and fibroblasts were ranked from low to high according to their expression levels. The gene expression mode in iPS cells ... more

Y.N. Cai; X.H. Dai; Q.H. Zhang; R. Hu; Z.M. Dai
Brassica rapa ssp pekinensis; Gene expression; Gene structure; sHSP

Small heat shock proteins (sHSPs) are essential for the plant’s normal development and stress responses, especially the heat stress response. The information regarding sHSP genes in Chinese cabbage (Brassica rapa ssp pekinensis) is sparse, hence we performed a genome-wide analysis to identify sHSP genes in this species. We identified 26 non-redundant sHSP genes ... more

P. Tao; W.L. Guo; B.Y. Li; W.H. Wang; Z.C. Yue; J.L. Lei; X.M. Zhong