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Alleles; Biofuels; Crosses, Genetic; Genotype; Jatropha; Multivariate analysis; Phenotype; Plant breeding; Plant Oils

Jatropha is research target worldwide aimed at large-scale oil production for biodiesel and bio-kerosene. Its production potential is among 1200 and 1500 kg/ha of oil after the 4th year. This study aimed to estimate combining ability of Jatropha genotypes by multivariate diallel analysis to select parents and crosses that allow gains in important agronomic traits. We performed crosses in ... more

P.E. Teodoro; E.V. Rodrigues; L.A. Peixoto; L.A. Silva; B.G. Laviola; L.L. Bhering
Cells, Cultured; DNA damage; Euterpe; Fruit; Hep G2 Cells; Humans; Lymphocytes; Plant Oils

Euterpe oleracea Mart., popularly known as "açaí", is a tropical fruit from the Amazon region where it has considerable economic importance. Açaí has been used as food and for several medicinal purposes. Despite the widespread use of this fruit, there is a lack of data regarding the safety of using this fruit oil exclusively. Therefore, we evaluated the in vitro cytotoxic, genotoxic, and ... more

E.S. Marques; M.S.F. Tsuboy; J.C.T. Carvalho; P.C.P. Rosa; F.F. Perazzo; I.O.M. Gaivão; E.L. Maistro
Anti-Inflammatory agent; Carrageenan; Gold nanoparticles; Toxicity

Gold nanoparticles (GNPs) with controlled geometric properties are new options for the management of inflammatory responses and therapy for various diseases, including diabetes mellitus, rheumatoid arthritis, and connective tissue diseases. We examined anti-inflammatory impacts of sugar coated GNPs with different sizes on carrageenan-induced rat paw inflammation. ... more

R. Rahimnia; S.M. Rezayat; R. Torabi; H. Soltanghoraee; B. Mehravi; A. Amani; S. Kharrazi; M. Amanlou