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COI; Genetic diversity; MpnDV; Myzus persicae nicotianae

We previously described a novel densovirus [Myzus persicae nicotianae densovirus (MpnDV)] infecting M. persicae nicotianae (Hemiptera: Aphididae) with 34% prevalence. This single-stranded DNA virus has a 5480-nucleotide ambisense genome and belongs to the Densovirinae subfamily within the family Parvoviridae. In the present study ... more

X.R. Song; S.H. Tang; Z.Q. Tang; X.M. Yang; X.W. Wang; X.F. Wang; P.J. Xu; G.W. Ren; X.R. Song; S.H. Tang; Z.Q. Tang; X.M. Yang; X.W. Wang; X.F. Wang; P.J. Xu; G.W. Ren
Bacterial diversity; Endophytes; Mexican husk tomato plants; Rhizosphere

Endophytic bacterial diversity was estimated in Mexican husk tomato plant roots by amplified rDNA restriction analysis and se­quence homology comparison of the 16S rDNA genes. Sixteen opera­tional taxonomic units from the 16S rDNA root library were identified based on sequence analysis, including the classes Gammaproteobacte­ria, Betaproteobacteria, Actinobacteria, and Bacilli. The ... more

H.A. Marquez-Santacruz; R. Hernandez-Leon; M.C. Orozco-Mosqueda; I. Velazquez-Sepulveda; G. Santoyo
Bacillus; Fungal pathogens; Hemolytic activity; Rhizosphere

We looked for bacterial strains with antifungal activity in the sorghum rhizosphere. A prescreening procedure to search for hemolytic activity among the isolated strains allowed us to detect good fungitoxic activity in a bacterial isolate that we named UM96. This bacterial isolate showed strong growth inhibition in bioassays against the pathogens Diaporthe phaseolorum, ... more

S.C. Martinez-Absalon; Mdel C. Orozco-Mosqueda; M.M. Martinez-Pacheco; R. Farias-Rodriguez; M. Govindappa; G. Santoyo
Antifungal activity; Genetic diversity; Hemolysis; Medicago truncatula; Rhizosphere

In the present study, we analyzed the frequency of hemolytic and antifungal activities in bacterial isolates from the rhizosphere of Medicago truncatula plants. Of the 2000 bacterial colonies, 96 showed β-hemolytic activities (frequency, 4.8 x 10-2). Hemolytic isolates were analyzed for their genetic diversity by using random amplification of polymorphic DNA, yielding ... more

J.E. Hernandez-Salmeron; C.M. Prieto-Barajas; E. Valencia-Cantero; G. Moreno-Hagelsieb; G. Santoyo
Antifungal Agents; Bacteria; Bacterial Proteins; Biodiversity; Biotechnology; DNA, Ribosomal; Endophytes; Genetic variation; Hydrolases; Rhizosphere; Saudi Arabia; Seawater; Wetlands

Marine bacteria have been exceptional sources of halotolerant enzymes since decades. The aim of the present study was to isolate bacteria producing hydrolytic enzymes from seven different mangroves collected from the coastal area of Thuwal, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, and to further screen them for other enzymatic and antifungal activities. We have isolated 46 different rhizo- and endophytic ... more

F. Bibi; I. Ullah; S.A. Alvi; S.A. Bakhsh; M. Yasir; A.A.K. Al-Ghamdi; E.I. Azhar
Diversity; Dominant; Endophytic fungi; Flooding; Myricaria laxiflora

Myricaria laxiflora is distributed along the riverbanks of the Yangtze River valley. The Three Gorges Dam has dramatically changed the habitat of M. laxiflora, which has evolved to develop increased resistance to flooding stress. In order to elucidate the relationship between plant endophytic fungi and flooding stress, we isolated and taxonomically characterized the endophytic ... more

W. Tian; Y.H. Bi; W. Zeng; W. Jiang; Y.H. Xue; G.X. Wang; S.P. Liu
Diversity; Genetic resource conservation; Inbreeding; Microsatellite; Small Tail Han sheep

The aim of this research was to identify the dynamic diversity of Small Tail Han sheep in its main producing areas between different years, and provide a basis for a breeding and genetic resources conservation strategy. For this purpose, 15 microsatellites were genotyped for Small Tail Han Sheep sampled in 2014 from Heze, China, and a comparative analysis of these data with those from a ... more

G.X. E; Y.F. Huang; Y.J. Zhao; J.N. He; N. Liu; T. Zhong; Y.H. Ma; X.Y. Qiu; L.P. Chen
Correlation analysis; Desmoglein 4; Diversity; Evolution; Goat

Desmoglein 4 (DSG4) has an important role in the development of wool traits in domestic animals. The full-length DSG4 gene, which contains 3918 bp, a complete open-reading-frame, and encodes a 1040-amino acid protein, was amplified from Liaoning cashmere goat. The sequence was compared with that of DSG4 from other animals and the results show that the DSG4 ... more

G.X. E; Y.J. Zhao; Y.H. Ma; G.L. Cao; J.N. He; R.S. Na; Z.Q. Zhao; C.D. Jiang; J.H. Zhang; S. Arlvd; L.P. Chen; X.Y. Qiu; W. Hu; Y.F. Huang; G.X. E; Y.J. Zhao; Y.H. Ma; G.L. Cao; J.N. He; R.S. Na; Z.Q. Zhao; C.D. Jiang; J.H. Zhang; S. Arlvd; L.P. Chen; X.Y. Qiu; W. Hu; Y.F. Huang
Bending; Multivariate Analysis; Coffee; Crop Management; Diversity; Orthotopic Stems

The multi-stem aspect of crop systems using Coffea canephora makes it necessary to correctly establish the number of orthotropic stems per plant during the crop formation. ... more

W.N. Rodrigues; T.V. Colodetti; S.V.B. Brinate; L.D. Martins; M.A. Tomaz
Coffee; Diversity; Mineral nutrition; Water deficit

We examined the effect of water availability on the nutritional balance of 15 genotypes of the clonal cultivar “Conilon BRS Ouro Preto” of Coffea canephora grown in two contrasting environments in terms of water availability. Biomass production and nutritional balance parameters, based on the deviance from the standard ratio among nutrients for the species ... more

L.C.T. Starling; L.D. Martins; W.N. Rodrigues; T.M. Reinicke; J.F.Tdo Amaral; M.A. Tomaz; M.C. Espindula