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Genetic variability; Host resistance and pathogen aggression; Incubation environments; Inoculation; Plant breeding; White mold

Sclerotinia sclerotiorum is an important soybean pathogen. The objectives of this study were to evaluate levels of resistance of soybean genotypes to the fungus, and to determine the effects of different incubation environments on host resistance and pathogen aggressiveness. Two experiments were conducted using 103 genotypes from the seed collection of ... more

L.H.S. Castro; A.A. Figueiró; A.P.O. Nogueira; S.J. Clough; F.C. Juliatti; L.H.S. Castro; A.A. Figueiró; A.P.O. Nogueira; S.J. Clough; F.C. Juliatti
Ligninolytic enzymes; Mycelial growth; Polyphenol oxidase; White-rot fungi

Fungus ability to respond to environmental changes allows their adaptation to a wide variety of conditions such as pH, temperature, light, nutrient availability, chemicals, and competition among species. Temperature and pH can affect fungal growth as well as their metabolism. Knowing these factors on fungus species is relevant for the development of ... more

R.A. Marim; K.V. Avelino; G.A. Linde; N.B. Colauto; J.S. Valle
Forestry species; Genetic parameters; PCR

Nectandra megapotamica (Spreng.) Mez. is a tree species that naturally occurs in the Atlantic Forest, Brazil. The aim of this study was to evaluate the genetic diversity and structure of a natural population of 12 N. megapotamica individuals using random amplified polymorphic DNA markers. Eleven primers were used in this study, producing 81 bands, of which 98.99% were ... more

L.S. Costa; L.R.S. Reiniger; B.M. Heinzmann; L.P. Amaral; C.M.L. Serrote
Breeding goal; Economic selection index; Genetic parameters; Gir dairy cattle

To implement an animal breeding program, it is important to define the production circumstances of the animals of interest to determine which traits of economic interest will be selected for the breeding goal. The present study defined breeding goals and proposed selection indices for milk production and quality traits of Gir dairy cattle. First, a bioeconomic model was developed to ... more

M.A. Prata; L.E. Faro; H.L. Moreira; R.S. Verneque; A.E.Vercesi Filho; M.G.C.D. Peixoto; V.L. Cardoso
Genetic gain; Genetic parameters; REML/BLUP

The aim of this study was to estimate genetic parameters via mixed models and simultaneously to select Jatropha progenies grown in three regions of Brazil that meet high adaptability and stability. From a previous phenotypic selection, three progeny tests were installed in 2008 in the municipalities of Planaltina-DF (Midwest), Nova Porteirinha-MG (Southeast), and Pelotas-RS (South). We ... more

P.E. Teodoro; L.L. Bhering; R.D. Costa; R.B. Rocha; B.G. Laviola; P.E. Teodoro; L.L. Bhering; R.D. Costa; R.B. Rocha; B.G. Laviola
Generation Analysis; Genetic parameters; Glycine max
 Precocious soybean cultivars enable crop rotation and
low pressure to the biotic and abiotic factors. This study aimed to
determinate the inheritance of characters related to precocity and
agronomic characters in soybean segregating population, coming from
contrasting genitors to cycle. The experiment was conducted at a
greenhouse ... more
F.G. Teixeira; O.T. Hamawaki; A.P.O. Nogueira; R.L. Hamawaki; C.L. Hamawaki; T.P. Mattos; I.C. Silveira; L.A. Medeiros
Genetic correlation; Genetic parameters; tolerance; Water stress

Water stress reduces the yield of agricultural crops severely. The objectives of this study were to investigate genotypic differences between 20 popcorn lines in environments under well-irrigated (WW) and water stressed (WS) conditions to determine phenotypic, genetic and environmental relations among agronomic and root traits. The experiment was arranged in a ... more

S.H. Kamphorst; V.J. de Lima; K.F.M. Schimitt; J.T. Leite; V.C. Azeredo; G.F. Pena; P.H.A.D. Santos; D.R.Santos Júnior; S.B. da Silv Júnior; R.B. Bispo; T.O. Santos; S. Khan; A.Tdo Amaral Júnior
Direct and indirect selection; Foliar diseases; Full-sib plants; Genetic parameters; Zea mays

Phenotypic and genotypic correlations of agronomic traits with resistance to phytopathogens can help identify indirect selection criteria for corn yield. The Brazilian corn cultivar NAP5 is resistant to leaf spot and blight disease, while NAP7 is resistant to rust disease. Trials were conducted in two states from February to July 2015. The following traits were ... more

A.S. Oliveira; E.Fdos Reis; A.P.O. Nogueira; D.B.O. Cardoso; F.C. Juliatti
broiler; Genetic correlation; Gibbs sampling; Heritability; Liver fat trait; Restricted maximum likelihood

Intensive selection of broilers for improved growth rate is known to exert a negative effect on broiler health, such as an increase in body fat (and its related diseases). Excessive fat deposition in the liver can cause fatty liver hemorrhagic syndrome (FLHS); in addition, traits associated with liver fat have also been associated with FLHS. This study explored the genetic relationships ... more

M.J. Liang; Z.P. Wang; L. Xu; L. Leng; S.Z. Wang; P. Luan; Z.P. Cao; Y.M. Li; H. Li
Dairy cattle; Genetic correlation; Heritability; Random regression; Somatic cell count

Selection for lower somatic cell count has been included in the breeding objectives of several countries in order to increase resistance to mastitis. Genetic parameters of somatic cell scores (SCS) were estimated from the first lactation test day records of Brazilian Holstein cows using random-regression models with Legendre polynomials (LP) of the order 3-5. Data consisted of 87,711 TD ... more

C.N. Costa; G.G. Santos; J.A. Cobuci; G. Thompson; J.G.V. Carvalheira