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Genetic diversity; Gymnospermium microrrhynchum; Plant conservation; RAPD

Gymnospermium microrrhynchum (Berberidaceae) is an ephemeral perennial herb with a limited distributional range in the Baekdudaegan mountain areas of the Korean Peninsula, and is designated a rare plant by the Korean Forest Service. Information about its genetic variation and structure is important for developing successful ... more

S.H. Lee; M.H. Yeon; J.K. Shim; S.H. Lee; M.H. Yeon; J.K. Shim
Cytogenetics tests; DNA integrity; Long-term seed conservation; qPCR; RAPD

Seed aging is a complex process that includes degradation of macromolecules, such as DNA. Evaluation of DNA deterioration in asymptomatic stages of seed aging may help the development of improved methods for monitoring long-term conserved seeds. We examined DNA integrity in artificially aged soybean (Glycine max) seed lots using cytogenetics, quantitative ... more

R.M. Lopes; A.F. Dantas; J.G. Pádua; S.C.B.R. José; A.C. Brasileiro; C.K. Grisolia; M.A. Gimenes