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Breeding; Heritability; Passiflora edulis; Post-hoc Blocking Row-col

Several strategies have been employed in the breeding of passion fruit with a view to the generation of superior progeny. In an effort to develop more precise methods in breeding, we compared the efficiency of the Post-Hoc Blocking Row-Col technique, which is an a posteriori technique that consists of the overlapping of a block structure on the original-field ... more

N.R. Cavalcante; A.P. Viana; J.E.Almeida Filho; M.G. Pereira; M. Ambrósio; E.A. Santos; R.M. Ribeiro; D.L. Rodrigues; C.M.B. Sousa
Biometrics; Breeding; Clustering; Conilon coffee; Multivariate analysis

Cross-pollination and gametophytic self-incompatibility reduce the stability of Coffea canephora genotypes. This is an important crop for Brazil, the largest producer of this type of coffee and also a major exporter. The study of biometric characteristics is essential to assist in the selection of promising plant materials. We examined the diversity of ... more

D. Dubberstein; F.L. Partelli; J.H.S. Guilhen; W.P. Rodrigues; J.C. Ramalho; A.I. Ribeiro-Barros
Breeding; Germplasm bank; Molecular marker; Morphological descriptors; Variability

Ornamental peppers have been attracting great commercial interest in recent years. However, despite the demand, the availability of ornamental pepper cultivars to growers and consumers is still reduced, which should stimulate breeding programs for improved varieties. In this context, the identification and characterization of accessions in ornamental pepper ... more

S. Pimenta; W.S. Gome; B.R.A. Rodrigues; L.B. Jardim; A.M.P.Bdo Vale; S.A. de Souza; H.C.F. Monteiro; C.S. Bento; I.N.R. Santos