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Adaptability; Cattle; Heritability; Reproductive traits

The Colombian Creole bovine breeds Blanco Orejinegro (BON) and Sanmartinero (SM) are the most important of the Creole breeds in Colombia because they are the most numerous, the most widely used in their pure form or in crosses with foreign breeds, and because they are dual-purpose producers of milk and meat. We estimated heritability for adaptability (coefficient ... more

C. De León; R. Martínez; J.F. Rocha
Genetic correlation; Genetic parameters; tolerance; Water stress

Water stress reduces the yield of agricultural crops severely. The objectives of this study were to investigate genotypic differences between 20 popcorn lines in environments under well-irrigated (WW) and water stressed (WS) conditions to determine phenotypic, genetic and environmental relations among agronomic and root traits. The experiment was arranged in a ... more

S.H. Kamphorst; V.J. de Lima; K.F.M. Schimitt; J.T. Leite; V.C. Azeredo; G.F. Pena; P.H.A.D. Santos; D.R.Santos Júnior; S.B. da Silv Júnior; R.B. Bispo; T.O. Santos; S. Khan; A.Tdo Amaral Júnior