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BAC library; Interferon regulatory factor 1; Murrah; Pyrosequencing; River buffalo

Interferon regulatory factor 1 (IRF1) is functionally diverse in the regulation of immune response and is considered to be an important candidate gene for studying disease susceptibility in mammals. In this paper, we characterized the whole sequence of the IRF1 gene in river buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) and compared genomic and the amino acid sequences between different species. The ... more

N.B. Stafuzza; M.M. Borges; M.E.J. Amaral-Trusty
BAC library; Bubalus bubalis; Cloning; Pulse-field gel electrophoresis

River buffalo genome analyses have advanced significantly in the last decade, and the genome sequence of Bubalus bubalis will be available shortly. Nonetheless, large-insert DNA library resources such as bacterial artificial chromosomes (BAC) are still required for validation and accurate assembly of the genome sequence. We constructed a river buffalo BAC library containing 52, ... more

N.B. Stafuzza; C.A. Abbey; C.A. Gill; J.E. Womack; M.E.J. Amaral
BAC library; FABP6; Murrah; Next generation sequencing

In this study, we compared the complete sequence of the FABP6 gene from an animal representing the Murrah breed of the river buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) with the gene sequence from different mammals. The buffalo FABP6 gene is 6105 bp in length and is organized into four exons (67, 176, 90, and 54 bp), three introns (1167, 1737, and 2649 bp), a 5ꞌUTR (93 bp), and a ... more

N.B. Stafuzza; M.M. Borges; M.E.J. Amaral-Trusty
3-D screening; BAC library; Bubalus bubalis; Pyrosequencing; Somatostatin gene

The somatostatin protein plays a crucial role in the regulation of multiple biological functions, such as growth, fat deposition, and nutrient absorption in vertebrates. Polymorphisms in the somatostatin gene have been associated with growth traits in livestock species, including cattle and goat. In this study, we conducted complete molecular characterization of the somatostatin gene in ... more

N.B. Stafuzza; M.M. Borges; M.E.J. Amaral
Bubalus bubalis; Major histocompatibility complex; PCR-RFLP; Polymorphism

The DRB3 gene is an MHC class II gene that has a high degree of polymorphism with more than 100 alleles described in cattle. This variation contributes to differences among individuals in immune responsiveness and disease resistance. In this study, we searched for allelic variants in exon 2 of the DRB3 gene in 80 river buffaloes of three breeds in Brazil using a PCR-RFLP ... more

N.B. Stafuzza; L.M. Olivatto; B.C.M. Naressi; H. Tonhati; M.E.J. Amaral-Trusty; N.B. Stafuzza; L.M. Olivatto; B.C.M. Naressi; H. Tonhati; M.E.J. Amaral-Trusty; N.B. Stafuzza; L.M. Olivatto; B.C.M. Naressi; H. Tonhati; M.E.J. Amaral-Trusty
Bubalus bubalis; Chromosome 1; Comparative map; Radiation hybrid mapping

River buffalo chromosome 1 (BBU1) is a sub-metacentric chromosome homologous to bovine chromosomes 1 and 27. In this study, we constructed a new framework radiation hybrid (RH) map from BBU1 using BBURH5000 panel adding nine new genes (ADRB3, ATP2C1, COPB2, CRYGS, P2RY1, SLC5A3, SLC20A2, SST, and ZDHHC2 ... more

N.B. Stafuzza; B.C.M. Naressi; E. Yang; J.J. Cai; M.E.J. Amaral-Trusty
Culture-independent approach; Diversity; Pyrosequencing; Rhizosphere; Sapindus saponaria L

Sapindus saponaria L. of Sapindaceae family is popularly known as soldier soap and is found in Central and South America. A study of such medicinal plants might reveal a more complex diversity of microorganisms as compared to non-medicinal plants, considering their metabolic potential and the chemical communication between ... more

A. Garcia; J.C. Polonio; A.D. Polli; C.M. Santos; S.A. Rhoden; M.C. Quecine; J.L. Azevedo; J.A. Pamphile