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Canonical variables; Clustering of genotypes; Main component analyses; Multivariate techniques

The production of onion hybrids depends on the development of genetically pure lineages. Successive self-fertilization guarantees obtaining endogenous lines quickly. However, onion undergoes a strong process of inbreeding depression when self-fertilized for several generations, which reduces plant vigor, bulb size and seed production, increasing the cost to produce ... more

D.L.M. Machado; J.A. de Freitas; J.M.Q. Luz; G.M. Maciel; A.P.O. Nogueira; R.R. Finzi; R.C. Oliveira
Ear rot; Grain yield; Indirect selection; Leaf disease

Leaf disease and ear rot have caused reductions in maize yield in Brazil and other producer countries. Therefore, the aims of this study were to analyze the association between husked ear yield and the severity of maize white spot, gray leaf spot, helminthosporium, and ear rot caused by Fusarium verticillioides and Diplodia maydis using biplots in a mixed-model approach. The ... more

G.S. Pereira; R.B. Camargos; M. Balestre; R.G. Von Pinho; W.M.C. Melo
Genotype x environment interaction; Glycine max (L.) Merril; Grain yield; Oil content; Protein content

The oil and protein contents of soybean grains are important quantitative traits for use in breeding. However, few breeding programs perform selection based on these traits in different environments. This study assessed the adaptability and stability of 14 elite early soybean breeding lines in off-season cultivation with respect to yield, and oil and protein contents. A range of ... more

R.O. Batista; R.L. Hamawaki; L.B. Sousa; A.P.O. Nogueira; O.T. Hamawaki
Correlation between traits; Grain yield; Heritability; Oil content; Physic nut breeding program; Pooled analysis

Jatropha curcas L. is one of the most promising oilseeds for biodiesel and biokerosene production, but few basic studies or breeding programs have been conducted for the species. We estimated genetic parameters and diversity based on 10 yield traits in 77 half-sib progenies of J. curcas after 52 months in the field, and evaluated correlations between them and the oil ... more

R.G. Freitas; L.A.S. Dias; P.M.R. Cardoso; A.B. Evaristo; M.F. Silva; N.M. Araújo; R.G. Freitas; L.A.S. Dias; P.M.R. Cardoso; A.B. Evaristo; M.F. Silva; N.M. Araújo; R.G. Freitas; L.A.S. Dias; P.M.R. Cardoso; A.B. Evaristo; M.F. Silva; N.M. Araújo
Common bean cultivars; Cycle stability; Flowering stability; Grain yield; Phaseolus vulgaris; Plant architecture

The objective of this study was to select common bean cultivars based on their stability for flowering, cycle, insertion of the first pod, grain yield, and high agronomic performance. Twenty experiments were carried out between 2000 and 2014, during two growing seasons, in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. The Eberhart and Russel, and Lin and Binns methods, as well as the ... more

N.D. Ribeiro; C.R. Casagrande; H.C. Mezzomo; M.T.D.F. Possobom; deM. Steckling; G.R. Kläsener; N.D. Ribeiro; C.R. Casagrande; H.C. Mezzomo; M.T.D.F. Possobom; deM. Steckling; G.R. Kläsener
Glycine max; Grain yield; Path analysis; Plant breeding

An option into guide selection strategies in soybean breeding programs is to investigate associations between the main traits studied by breeders. A question that is faced is the possible influence of genotype x environment (GE) interactions on correlations among traits. Path analysis allows, in addition to measuring correlation, a more detailed study of cause / ... more

D.R. Pereira; A.T. Bruzi; J.A.R. Nunes; J.P.S. Carvalho; E.V. Zambiazzi; G.S. Gesteira
Correlation; Grain yield; Phaseolus vulgaris; Water deficit

ABSTRACT.  Common bean yield is directly related to climate conditions, and water deficit is one of the main limiting factors. One way of getting around this problem is increasing the frequency of alleles favorable to drought tolerance by the recurrent selection method. We estimated the morphophysiological and agronomic gains achieved in two ... more

T. Ribeiro; D.A. Silva; S.R.S. Rovaris; J.G.R. Gonçalves; S.A.M. Carbonell; A.F. Chiorato