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Bubalus bubalis; Gibbs analyses; Milk composition

Buffalo milk has excellent physical and chemical qualities as a consequence of the high percentage of constituents. This milk property is desirable for the dairy industry because it facilitates manufacture of mozzarella cheese. We estimated genetic parameters for milk yield, milk fat and protein and their effects on mozzarella cheese production using Bayesian inference. Using information ... more

R.R. Aspilcueta-Borquis; R. Di Palo; F.R.Araujo Neto; F. Baldi; G.M.F. de Camargo; L.G. de Albuquerque; L. Zicarelli; H. Tonhati
BAC library; Bubalus bubalis; Cloning; Pulse-field gel electrophoresis

River buffalo genome analyses have advanced significantly in the last decade, and the genome sequence of Bubalus bubalis will be available shortly. Nonetheless, large-insert DNA library resources such as bacterial artificial chromosomes (BAC) are still required for validation and accurate assembly of the genome sequence. We constructed a river buffalo BAC library containing 52, ... more

N.B. Stafuzza; C.A. Abbey; C.A. Gill; J.E. Womack; M.E.J. Amaral
Bubalus bubalis; GC-rich; Molecular cloning; rDNA; rRNA

The rDNA genes coding for ribosomal RNA in animals are complicated repeat sequences with high GC content. We amplified water buffalo rDNA gene sequences with the long and accurate (LA) PCR method, using LA Taq DNA polymerase and GC buffer, based on bioinformatic analysis of related organisms. The rDNA genes were found to consist of 9016 nucleotides, including three rRNA genes and two ... more

C.Y. Pang; T.X. Deng; D.S. Tang; C.Y. Yang; H. Jiang; B.Z. Yang; X.W. Liang
3-D screening; BAC library; Bubalus bubalis; Pyrosequencing; Somatostatin gene

The somatostatin protein plays a crucial role in the regulation of multiple biological functions, such as growth, fat deposition, and nutrient absorption in vertebrates. Polymorphisms in the somatostatin gene have been associated with growth traits in livestock species, including cattle and goat. In this study, we conducted complete molecular characterization of the somatostatin gene in ... more

N.B. Stafuzza; M.M. Borges; M.E.J. Amaral
Bubalus bubalis; Genetic correlation; Heritability; Random regression models; Sire rank

The objective of this study was to estimate variance components and genetic parameters for accumulated 305-day milk yield (MY305) over multiple ages, from 24 to 120 months of age, applying random regression (RRM), repeatability (REP) and multi-trait (MT) models. A total of 4472 lactation records from 1882 buffaloes of the Murrah breed were utilized. The contemporary group (herd-year- ... more

R.C. Sesana; F. Baldi; R.R.A. Borquis; A.B. Bignardi; N.A. Hurtado-Lugo; E. Faro; L.G. Albuquerque; H. Tonhati
Balanced translocation; Breakpoint; Chromosome 1; Genetic counseling; Male infertility

Reciprocal translocation is closely associated with male infertility and recurrent miscarriages. Balanced reciprocal translocations associated with reproductive failures are predominantly observed on chromosome 1. Additionally, infertile male patients present a number of breakpoints throughout chromosome 1. A translocation breakpoint might interrupt the structure of an important gene, ... more

R.X. Wang; H.G. Zhang; Y. Pan; S. Chen; F.G. Yue; D.L. Zhu; R.Z. Liu; R.X. Wang; H.G. Zhang; Y. Pan; S. Chen; F.G. Yue; D.L. Zhu; R.Z. Liu
BAC library; Bubalus bubalis; Murrah; Pyrosequencing; Shingosine-1-phosphate receptor 1

Recent developments in methodologies for genomic analyses have enabled a significant advance in understanding of the river buffalo genome. The S1PR1 gene has been mapped to buffalo chromosome 6 and bovine chromosome 3; this gene is of interest as it is a candidate for marbling in meat, an important economic trait. Here, we performed next generation sequencing in a buffalo BAC DNA ... more

N.B. Stafuzza; B.C.M. Naressi; M.M. Borges; M.E.J. Amaral-Trusty; N.B. Stafuzza; B.C.M. Naressi; M.M. Borges; M.E.J. Amaral-Trusty; N.B. Stafuzza; B.C.M. Naressi; M.M. Borges; M.E.J. Amaral-Trusty