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Genetic variability; Medicinal plant; Myrtaceae

Myrcia ovata Cambess. (Myrtaceae) is a medicinal and aromatic plant that has analgesic, bactericidal and fungicidal properties. Even though this plant has economic potential, nothing is known about the variability and genetic diversity of this species. This information is necessary to establish conservation strategies and allow prospection of natural resources. The aim ... more

L.A.S. White; A.V.C. Silva; S.V. Álvares-Carvalho; R. Silva-Mann; M.F. Arrigoni-Blank; E.M.S. Souza; C.S. Almeida; D.A.C. Nizio; T.S. Sampaio; A.F. Blank
Gene flow; Genetic variability; Molecular marker; Selection of matrix trees

Senefeldera verticillata (Euphorbiaceae) is a species that exclusively occurs in the Atlantic Forest; it is used in the restoration and recovery of degraded areas and has therapeutic uses. Due to the scarcity of information on genetic patterns of this species, genetic diversity was characterized by the use of molecular markers, Inter Simple Sequence ... more

A.A.R. Vieira; A.L.Silva Júnior; L.C. Souza; F.D. Miranda; M.F.S. Ferreira; M.V.W. Caldeira
Amazon species; Genetic variability; Genip tree; SSR

Genipa americana (Rubiaceae) is an endemic Amazon-region species that may be subject to inbreeding, since it grows in fragmented environments. To examine this possibility, we examined the genetic diversity and population structure of three G. americana populations naturally grown in Northern Mato Grosso State using SSR markers. Sixty-four ... more

D.A.C. Ruzza; A.A.B. Rossi; R.B. Bispo; A.V. Tiago; J.S. Cochev; F.S. Rossi; J.M. Fernandes
Coffea arabica; Genetic variability; Nutritional efficiency; Plant breeding

Extensive use of nitrogen fertilizers in coffee crops increases production costs and environmental pollution. Developing cultivars more efficient in nitrogen (N) utilization could contribute to reduce the need for N fertilization and promote sustainable production. We evaluated the variation in production characteristics among 20 coffee cultivars grown in nutrient ... more

W.M. Moura; P.M.R. Cardoso; G.A. Gravina; V.S. Cavalcante; A.W. Pedrosa; T.C. Ferreira
Common bean ideotype; Genetic variability; Pearson correlation; Phaseolus vulgaris; Rank sum index

The development of common bean cultivars with upright plant architecture and high grain yield meets the needs of bean growers by facilitating culture management and mechanized harvest. The objectives of this study were to evaluate whether Mesoamerican common bean lines differ for upright plant architecture traits and grain yield, analyze correlations between these ... more

N.D. Ribeiro; G.R. Kläsener; I.P. Somavilla; G.Gdos Santos
Genetic variability; Manihot esculenta; SSR

Cassava (Manihot esculenta) is a traditional crop in tropical and subtropical regions that is used for human consumption and in animal feed. This studied cassava landraces cultivated in northern Mato Grosso State, Brazil, to detect the variability in family farms, aiming at the preservation and use potential of these genetic resources. A total of 120 M ... more

E.C.M. Pedri; E.S.S. Hoogerheide; A.V. Tiago; E.S. Cardoso; J.M.A. Pinto; L.L. Santos; O.M. Yamashita; A.A.B. Rossi
Genetic variability; Manihot esculenta; SSR markers

Cassava is one of the main energy foods for millions of people, and has a great diversity of ethno-varieties that have specific characteristics often not found in commercial varieties. These constitute a gene pool and therefore a genetic resource that should be conserved and preserved. In this context, the objective of our study was to evaluate the genetic ... more

A.V. Tiago; E.S.S. Hoogerheide; E.C.M. Pedri; F.S. Rossi; E.S. Cardoso; J.M.A. Pinto; G.F. Pena; A.A.B. Rossi
Genetic variability; Germplasm collection; Microsatellites; Peppers

 Malagueta (Capsicum frutescens) is one of the most widely consumed and cultivated Brazilian hot peppers. It is an important crop for smallholder farmers throughout the country. Currently, the demand for new hot pepper cultivars is increasing. A germplasm collection of C. frutescens is maintained at Embrapa Vegetables, Brasilia, ... more

S.I.C. Carvalho; C.F. Ragassi; F.G. Faleiro; G.S.C. Buso; L.B. Bianchetti; M.F. Lima; F.J.B. Reifschneider; C.S.C. Ribeiro
Camu-camu. Roraima; Genetic variability; ISSR markers

Camu – camu, Myrciaria dubia (Myrtaceae) is a native species of the Amazon Rainforest that has been attracting attention worldwide and arousing great interest in the food and pharmacological industries due to the high concentrations of ascorbic acid in its fruit, which is exported to several countries. Characterizing different materials of M. dubia ... more

C.G. Souza; R.M.S. Paiva-Rodrigues; R.M. Bardales-Lozano; E.A. Chagas; F. Granja