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Co-evolution; Functional divergence; Gene duplication; High-affinity K+ transporters; Selection pressure

The high-affinity K+ transporter (HKT) family comprises a group of multifunctional cation transporters widely distributed in organisms ranging from Bacteria to Eukarya. In angiosperms, the HKT family consists primarily of nine types, whose evolutionary relationships are not fully understood. The available sequences from 31 plant species were used to perform a comprehensive ... more

P. Yang; C. Hua; F. Zhou; B.J. Zhang; X.N. Cai; Q.Z. Chen; R.L. Wang; P. Yang; C. Hua; F. Zhou; B.J. Zhang; X.N. Cai; Q.Z. Chen; R.L. Wang
Gene duplication; Genetic polymorphism; Yak; κ-casein

The objective of this study was to compare 12 bp-duplication polymorphisms in exon 4 of the κ-casein gene among 3 breeds/populations of yak (Bos grunniens). Genomic DNA was extracted from yak blood or muscle samples (N = 211) and a partial sequence of exon 4 of κ-casein gene was amplified by polymerase chain reaction. A polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis assay of the products (169 bp ... more

S. Pingcuo; J. Gao; Z.R. Jiang; S.Y. Jin; C.Y. Fu; X. Liu; L. Huang; Y.C. Zheng
Expression analysis; Gene duplication; Heat shock protein; Tomato

Heat shock protein 90 (Hsp90) is a protein produced by plants in response to adverse environmental stresses. In this study, we identified and analyzed Hsp90 gene family members using a bioinformatic method based on genomic data from tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L.). The results illustrated that tomato contains at least 7 Hsp90 genes distributed on 6 ... more

W.S. Zai; L.X. Miao; Z.L. Xiong; H.L. Zhang; Y.R. Ma; Y.L. Li; Y.B. Chen; S.G. Ye
Agronomic ideotype; Heritability; Industrial; Potato breeding; Prediction of genotypic values; Selection pressure; Solanum tuberosum

Information on genetic parameters is essential to obtain rapid progress in the development of cultivars, which is of great interest to the potato processing industry in Brazil, as the consumption of processed potatoes has increased significantly in the last 10 years. Unfortunately the lack of raw material of quality limits its growth. Thus, the objective of this ... more

T.A. da Silva; I.R. Carvalho; D.D. Wolter; F.F. Cima; E.S. de Abreu; E.A. Lenz; F. Lautenchleger; F.Q. Azevedo; A.S. Pereira
Camellia sinensis (L.) O. Kuntze; cluster analysis; Codon usage bias; Correlation analysis; ENC-plot; SPDS

The spermidine synthase (SPDS) gene exists widely in all types of plants. In this paper, the codon usage of the SPDS gene from Camellia sinensis (CsSPDS) was analyzed. The results showed that the codon usage of the CsSPDS gene is biased towards the T-ended or A-ended codons, which is similar to that observed in 73 genes selected from the C ... more

E. You; Y. Wang; Z.T. Ding; X.F. Zhang; L.L. Pan; C. Zheng
Codon usage bias; Dynamic evolution; Haemophilus parasuis; Synonymous codon usage

To provide a new perspective on the evolutionary characteristics shaping the genetic diversity of Haemophilus parasuis biofilms, the relative synonymous codon usage values, codon usage bias values, effective number of codons (ENC) values, codon adaptation index (CAI) values, and the base components were calculated. Our objective was to implement a comparative analysis to evaluate ... more

L.Y. Wang; L.N. Ma; Y.S. Liu; L.Y. Wang; L.N. Ma; Y.S. Liu