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Cytogenetics; del(13q); i(6p); Retinoblastoma

We describe a case of retinoblastoma with an atypical presentation and previously unreported cytogenetic aberrations. A 19-month-old girl with left intraocular retinoblastoma was treated with enucleation and chemotherapy. The disease showed aggressive evolution within a short period between diagnosis and relapse. Eight months after diagnosis, a new large tumor was present in the orbit of the ... more

J.E.X.S. Barros; E.M. Soares-Ventura; N. Santos; B.A.S. Amaral; F.M. Oliveira; R.S.Vera Cruz; V.L.L. Morais; T.J. Marques-Salles; M.T.C. Muniz
Altered modules; Key genes; Osteosarcoma; Reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction; Western blot

The aim of this study was to screen for key biomarkers of osteosarcoma (OS) by tracking altered modules. Protein-protein interaction (PPI) networks of OS and normal groups were constructed and re-weighted using the Pearson correlation coefficient (PCC), respectively. The condition-specific modules were explored from OS and normal PPI networks using a clique-merging algorithm. Altered ... more

Z.Z. Liu; S.T. Cui; B. Tang; Z.Z. Wang; Z.X. Luan; Z.Z. Liu; S.T. Cui; B. Tang; Z.Z. Wang; Z.X. Luan
Deciduous teeth; Pathway analyses; Pathway-related modules; Permanent teeth; Reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction

The differences in genetic backgrounds between deciduous and permanent teeth might contribute to the differences in developmental processes, histological characteristics, and tooth life cycles. Here, we attempted to identify significantly different modules between permanent and deciduous teeth via network and pathway analyses. We ... more

J. Kang; R. Bai; K. Liu; X.P. Ji; Y. Li; J.Y. Han
Beclin-1; miR-26a; Retinoblastoma

The aim of this study was to evaluate the effects of miR-26a on Beclin 1 expression in retinoblastoma (RB) cell lines (Y79 and WERi-RB-1). RB cells were transfected with miR-26a mimic, antagomir-26a, or control mimic. The Beclin 1 mRNA and protein levels were detected by quantitative polymerase chain reaction and western blot, respectively. The activity of Beclin 1 3ꞌ-UTR reporter gene ... more

M. Li; X.M. Chen; D.M. Wang; L. Gan; Y. Qiao; M. Li; X.M. Chen; D.M. Wang; L. Gan; Y. Qiao
Breast cancer; Co-expression network; Eribulin; Hub genes; Paclitaxel; Pathway-enrichment analysis

We investigated the effects of eribulin and paclitaxel on breast cancer (BC) by exploring molecular biomarkers and pathways. Co-expression networks were constructed by differentially co-expressed genes and links, and centralities were analyzed to explore the hub genes. Pathway-enrichment analysis was performed. The hub genes were validated using the polymerase chain reaction and western ... more

J. Qin; Y.H. Chen; J. Qin; Y.H. Chen
Biomarker; Functional network; Heart disease; MicroRNA; Pathway

Deregulation of cardiac miRNA gene-regulatory networks is a feature of different heart diseases, including ischemic (ICM) and nonischemic (NICM) cardiomyopathy. Here, based on the paired miRNA and mRNA expression profiles in ICM and NICM, we identified the differentially expressed miRNAs and mRNAs and the expression signatures distinguishing ICM/NICM from control samples. Furthermore, we ... more

X. Li; C.Y. Liu; Y.S. Li; J. Xu; D.G. Li; D. Han; X. Li; C.Y. Liu; Y.S. Li; J. Xu; D.G. Li; D. Han; X. Li; C.Y. Liu; Y.S. Li; J. Xu; D.G. Li; D. Han