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Cassava; Drought; MePMP3-2; Rice; Salt

Plasma membrane proteolipid 3 (PMP3) is a class of small hydrophobic proteins found in many organisms including higher plants. Some plant PMP3 genes have been shown to respond to abiotic stresses and to participate in the processes of plant stress tolerance. In this study, we isolated the cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz) MePMP3-2 gene and functionally ... more

Y. Yu; Y.C. Cui; C. Ren; P.S.C.F. Rocha; M. Peng; G.Y. Xu; M.L. Wang; X.J. Xia; Y. Yu; Y.C. Cui; C. Ren; P.S.C.F. Rocha; M. Peng; G.Y. Xu; M.L. Wang; X.J. Xia
QTL mapping; Rice; Spikelet number per panicle; Stigma exertion rate

The stigma exertion rate is a polygenic inherited trait that is important for increased seed yield in hybrid rice breeding. To identify quantitative trait loci (QTL) associated with high stigma exertion rate, we conducted QTL mapping using 134 recombinant inbred lines derived from XieqingzaoB and Zhonghui9308, which have high and low stigma exertion rates, ... more

M.H. Rahman; P. Yu; Y.X. Zhang; L.P. Sun; W.X. Wu; X.H. Shen; X.D. Zhan; D.B. Chen; L.Y. Cao; S.H. Cheng
Genome-wide; Lesion Mimic Mutant; Molecular Mechanisms; Radiation-Induced; Rice

Lesion mimic mutations (LMMs) are very useful genetic tools in plants, however, it is difficult to uncover genome-wide mutations using traditional technology, the development of whole genome sequencing (WGS) provides a means by which to identify genome-wide LMMs. In this study, WGS was performed to reveal the molecular mechanisms behind LMMs in rice. An LMM JA001 ... more

Z. Zhenga; M. Guoab; L. Wua; H. Suna