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Disease index; Leaf disc test; Microsatellites; Phytophthora palmivora; Quantitative trait loci; Theobroma cacao
E.S.L. Santos
Leptin; obese gene; Polymerase chain reaction; Quantitative trait loci; Restriction fragment length polymorphism

The aim of the present study was to identify polymorphisms in the leptin gene of 112 pigs and compare the maternal and paternal lineage of Pietrain and Large White breeds that underwent a divergent selection for over 30 years. DNA samples extracted from the blood of these animals were amplified by polymerase chain reaction and genotyped by restriction fragment length polymorphism ... more

A.C.P. Silveira; R.C. Antunes; J.F. Almeida; T.F. Braga; P.F.A. Freitas; A.S.M. César; A.S.M. César; E.C. Guimarães
Drought tolerance; Genetic variation; Linkage maps; Molecular markers; Quantitative trait loci; Zea mays

Drought tolerance is one of the most important but complex traits of crops. We looked for quantitative trait loci (QTLs) that affect drought tolerance in maize. Two maize inbreds and their advanced lines were evaluated for drought-related traits. A genetic linkage map developed using RFLP markers was used to identify QTLs associated with drought-related traits. Twenty-two QTLs were ... more

H. Rahman; S. Pekic; V. Lazic-Jancic; S.A. Quarrie; S.M.A. Shah; A. Pervez; M.M. Shah
Bombyx mori; Composite interval mapping; Economic traits; Quantitative trait loci; Silkworm cocoon

The quantitative trait loci (QTLs) associated with cocoon traits in silkworms were mapped in 44 individuals of a backcross of Dazao females with hybrid F1 males; the hybrid males were from females of inbred C100 strain, which have white cocoons and superior cocoon traits, crossed with males of inbred strain Dazao, which have green cocoons and inferior cocoon traits. Nineteen ... more

Z. Lie; L. Cheng; D. Fang-yin; F. Shou-min
Advanced backcross; Disease resistance; Oryza rufipogon; Quantitative trait loci; Rice

Advanced backcross families derived from Oryza sativa cv MR219/O. rufipogon IRGC105491 were utilized for identification of quantitative trait loci (QTL) for blast resistance using simple sequence repeat markers. Two hundred and sixty-one BC2F3 families were used to construct a linkage map, using 87 markers, which covered 2375.2 cM of 12 rice ... more

H.A. Rahim; M.A.R. Bhuiyan; L.S. Lim; K.K. Sabu; A. Saad; M. Azhar; R. Wickneswari
Abdominal fat traits; Body weight; Chicken; Microsatellite marker; NEAURP; Quantitative trait loci

Body weight and abdominal fat traits in meat-type chickens are complex and economically important factors. Our objective was to identify quantitative trait loci (QTL) responsible for body weight and abdominal fat traits in broiler chickens. The Northeast Agricultural University Resource Population (NEAURP) is a cross between broiler sires and Baier layer dams. We measured body weight and ... more

S.Z. Wang; X.X. Hu; Z.P. Wang; X.C. Li; Q.G. Wang; Y.X. Wang; Z.Q. Tang; H. Li
Percentage of grain with chalkiness; Quantitative trait loci; Recombinant inbred line population; Rice

Appearance quality of rice grains is a major problem for rice production in many areas of the world. We conducted a molecular marker-based genetic analysis of percentage of grains with chalkiness (PGWC), which is a determining factor for appearance quality; it strongly affects milling, eating and cooking quality. An F8 recombinant inbred line population, which consists of 261 ... more

X. Liu; Y. Wang; S.W. Wang
Bolting trait; Brassica rapa; Linkage mapping; Quantitative trait loci

Premature bolting can occur occasionally during spring cultivation of heading Chinese cabbage in East Asia when the plants encounter low temperatures (vernalization), leading to economic loss. Breeding bolting-resistant cultivars is the best choice for solving this problem. We looked for QTLs responsible for varietal differences in the bolting trait in Brassica rapa under ... more

Y.G. Wang; L. Zhang; X.H. Ji; J.F. Yan; Y.T. Liu; X.X. Lv; H. Feng
Hordeum vulgare; Internode length; marker-assisted selection; Quantitative trait loci

Yield losses caused by lodging in barley can be partially controlled by reducing plant height. In order to understand dwarfing mechanisms and efficiently use new dwarf germplasms for a breeding program, it is important to identify QTL of plant height components. QTL analysis was performed for seven plant height component traits using a DH population of 122 lines derived from the cross of ... more

X.F. Ren; D.F. Sun; W.B. Dong; G.L. Sun; C.D. Li
Chromosome segment substitution lines; Kernel row number; Maize (Zea mays L.); Quantitative trait loci

Unveiling the genetic architecture of grain yield and yield-related traits is useful for guiding the genetic improvement of crop plants. Kernel row number (KRN) per ear is an important yield component, which directly affects the grain yield of maize. In this study, we constructed a set of 130 chromosome segment substitution lines (CSSLs), using Nongxi531 as the donor parent and H21 as ... more

F. Li; H.T. Jia; L. Liu; C.X. Zhang; Z.J. Liu; Z.X. Zhang