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CXCR4; Meta-analysis; Non-small cell lung cancer; Protein expression

The specific correlation between CXCR4 expression and survival in non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) has been investigated independently; however, these have yielded inconsistent results. Therefore, we examined the exact relationship between CXCR4 expression and NSCLC in this meta-analysis. The bibliographic databases in English and Chinese were carefully searched and data regarding the ... more

H. Wang; F. Xie; Z. Hu; L. Chen
Cancer; Meta-analysis; Polymorphism; Vascular endothelial growth factor

The association between vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) gene polymorphisms and risk of cancer has been investigated in several studies published previously; however, the individual results are inconclusive. Therefore, we performed a meta-analysis to establish evidence for an association between the VEGF -634 G/C polymorphism and risk of cancer. We searched ... more

J.Y. Ban; J.I. Shin; C.H. Oh
Cancer; Long non-coding RNA; MALAT-1; Prognosis; Survival

The long non-coding RNA MALAT-1 plays an important role in cancer prognosis. The present research aimed to elucidate its precise predictive value in various human carcinomas. A quantitative meta-analysis was performed by searching PubMed, Embase, Web of Science, and Cochrane Library (most recently, January 2015) databases, and extracting data from studies that investigated the ... more

J. Wang; A.M. Xu; J.Y. Zhang; X.M. He; Y.S. Pan; G. Cheng; C. Qin; L.X. Hua; Z.J. Wang; J. Wang; A.M. Xu; J.Y. Zhang; X.M. He; Y.S. Pan; G. Cheng; C. Qin; L.X. Hua; Z.J. Wang; J. Wang; A.M. Xu; J.Y. Zhang; X.M. He; Y.S. Pan; G. Cheng; C. Qin; L.X. Hua; Z.J. Wang
Colorectal cancer; Meta-analysis; Non-metastatic protein 23; Pathological characteristics; Prognosis

The current meta-analysis was performed to investigate the association between non-metastatic protein 23 (NM23) expression, tumor pathology, and disease prognosis in colorectal cancer (CRC) among Asians. English and Chinese language-based electronic databases (e.g., PubMed, EBSCO, Ovid, Springerlink, Wiley, Web of Science, Wanfang databases, China National Knowledge Infrastructure, VIP ... more

J.W. Fu; X.Q. Chu
Egg number; Laying hen; Melatonin receptors; Monochromatic light; Protein expression

Artificial illumination is an important exogenous factor in the control of many physiological and behavioral processes as well as an important environmental factor in the management of laying hens. Melatonin receptors are members of the G protein-coupled receptor family. The hormone melatonin is secreted primarily by the pineal gland, with highest levels occurring during the dark period ... more

D.Y. Li; N. Wu; J.B. Tu; Y.D. Hu; M.Y. Yang; H.D. Yin; B.L. Chen; H.L. Xu; Y.F. Yao; Q. Zhu
Medullary visceral zone; Multiple-organ dysfunction syndrome; Protein expression; Rat model; Subarachnoid hemorrhage

We investigated protein expression in the medullary visceral zone (MVZ) of rats with multiple-organ dysfunction syndrome (MODS) caused by subarachnoid hemorrhage (SAH) to discuss the possible regulatory mechanism of the MVZ in the course of SAH-induced MODS. A SAH-induced MODS model was established in rats by injecting arterial blood into the Willis’ circle. Protein expression in the MVZ ... more

L.H. Sun; L.F. Xing; G.H. Zhang; S.Y. Pan
Cancer; CTHRC1; Human tumors; Meta-analysis; Protein expression

The aim of this meta-analysis was to investigate the overall diagnostic and prognostic values of CTHRC1 expression in human cancer development. Based on the inclusion and exclusion criteria, 8 cohort studies were included in the meta-analysis. The data were extracted, and analyses were performed using a random-effects model. Summary odds ratios (ORs) and effect sizes (ESs) with 95% ... more

S.F. Wang; Z. Yin; J.J. Yin; W. Zhang; C.G. Dong; S.F. Wang; Z. Yin; J.J. Yin; W. Zhang; C.G. Dong
Angiomatoid features; Cancer; Cytogenetics; Epithelioid sarcoma

Epithelioid sarcoma is a rare, aggressive soft tissue tumor of unknown histogenesis showing predominantly epithelioid cytomorphology. We conducted a conventional and molecular cytogenetic study of a 27-year-old male with epithelioid sarcoma with angiomatoid features. Cytogenetic analysis of epithelioid sarcoma metaphase spreads by GTG-banding revealed a diploid chromosome complement with ... more

M.S. Brassesco; E.T. Valera; A.M. Castro-Gamero; D.A. Moreno; T.P. Silveira; B.M. Mori; E.E. Engel; C.A. Scrideli; L.G. Tone
Antibacterial; Apoptotic; Cancer; Cytotoxic; Diosmin; Flavanoids

Flavonoids are a group of natural polyphenols that are typically present in many higher plants as secondary metabolites with low molecular weight. Diosmin (3′,5,7-trihydroxy-4′-methoxyflavone-7-ramnoglucoside) is a naturally occurring flavonoid found in relatively large quantities in citrus fruits. We examined the cytotoxic, antiangiogenic and antimicrobial ... more

A.C. Kilit; O. Köse; G. Imi; E. Aydemir
ATP; ImmuKnow assay; Prognosis; Renal carcinoma

This study aimed to explore the clinical value of the CD4+ T cell ATP levels in patients with renal cell carcinoma through the application of the ImmuKnowTM-Cylex® assay. We recruited 104 patients with renal cancer who had undergone surgery at Fuzhou General Hospital from March 2009 to June 2012, and were subsequently treated by dendritic cell and ... more

K. Zheng; J.P. Zhang; J.M. Tan; W.Z. Wu; S.L. Yang; D.D. Ke