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Coronavirus; Meta-analysis; Real-time PCR

Novel coronavirus (nCoV) belongs to the Coronaviridae family, which includes the virus that causes SARS, or severe acute respiratory syndrome. However, infection source, transmission route, and host of nCoV have not yet been thoroughly characterized. In some cases, nCoV presented a limited person-to-person transmission. Therefore, early diagnosis of nCoV may be of importance for reducing ... more

C. Lin; R. Ye; Y.L. Xia
Cross-combination; Cyprinus carpio; DNA sequence; IGF2a; SNP

We studied whether two IGF2 transcripts in common carp are similar to those found in zebrafish. The full-length IGF2a cDNA contains a 5'-terminal untranslated region (UTR) of 105 bp, a 3'-terminal UTR of 1358 bp and an open reading frame of 612 bp, which encodes a 206-amino acid protein. A 6614-bp full-length IGF2a DNA molecule, including the 5'-flanking region ... more

S.Y. Su; Z.J. Dong; J.Q. Qu; Z.Y. Liang; J.Q. Zhang; L.X. Ma; W. Liu; P. Xu; X.H. Yuan
Calpastatin; meat quality; Meat tenderness; Myostatin; PCR-SSCP

In Brazil, most sheep are of the Santa Inês breed, which shows rusticity in breeding and grazing systems, being able to offer better adaptation characteristics for animals with meat production ability, such as the Texel and Dorper sheep. They can also improve meat production in animals that have better characteristics for milk production, such as Lacaune and East ... more

C. Esteves; K.Gdo Livramento; L.V. Paiva; A.P. Peconick; I.F.F. Garcia; C.A.P. Garbossa; T.B. Cardoso; P.B. Faria
Chicken telomerase reverse transcriptase; Real-time PCR; Small-hairpin RNA

Here, we investigated the effects of blocking chicken telomerase reverse transcriptase (chTERT) in MDCC-MSB1 cells, using small-hairpin RNAs (shRNAs) to interfere with gene expression. shRNAs specific to chTERT mRNA were designed, cloned into DNA plasmid vectors, and transfected into MDCC-MSB1 cells. The transfected chTERT RNAs were expressed by the RNA polymerase ... more

N. Jiang; X.B. Zheng; Z.Y. Zhao; Z.G. Qin; T.J. Liu; N. Jiang; X.B. Zheng; Z.Y. Zhao; Z.G. Qin; T.J. Liu; N. Jiang; X.B. Zheng; Z.Y. Zhao; Z.G. Qin; T.J. Liu
GM crops; Real-time PCR; Transgenic maize

Conventional and genetically modified (GM) maize cultivars have been widely planted in Brazil to produce grains for processed food, feed, or to be consumed fresh as corn ears. This study used real-time PCR to detect GM maize in processed products and fresh commercial corn ears produced in the last two years in South Brazil. Eighteen conventional and GM maize ... more

C.A.M. Oliveira; C.M. Kommers; F.K.M. Lehmann; A.S.K. Fonseca; N. Ikuta; V.R. Lunge
FATP1 gene; Meat quality traits; Molecular markers; Qinchuan cattle; Tissue expression

Fatty acid transport protein 1 (FATP1), an integral membrane protein that facilitates long-chain fatty acid influx, is involved in the genetic network for oleic acid synthesis. The aim of this study was to examine the association of FATP1 polymorphisms with live animal meat quality traits in Chinese Qinchuan cattle. Quantitative real-time PCR analysis demonstrated that FATP1 ... more

Z.D. Zhao; A.N. Li; S.J. Wei; M.M. Wang; S.J. Li; L.S. Zan
Collichthys lucidus; Ecsit; Quantitative real-time PCR; Tissue expression

Evolutionarily conserved signaling intermediate in Toll pathways (Ecsit) is reported to play an essential role in innate immunity, embryogenesis, and assembly or stability of the mitochondrial complex I. In this study, the full-length cDNA of Ecsit was cloned from the spinyhead croaker Collichthys lucidus based on the expressed sequence tags from our cDNA library constructed ... more

W. Song; K.J. Jiang; F.Y. Zhang; J. Wang; L.B. Ma; W. Song; K.J. Jiang; F.Y. Zhang; J. Wang; L.B. Ma; W. Song; K.J. Jiang; F.Y. Zhang; J. Wang; L.B. Ma