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Brazilian Amazon; Hymenaea courbaril; Mendelian inheritance; Neotropical tree; Population genetics; SSR loci

The Neotropical tree Hymenaea courbaril, locally known as Jatobá, is a valuable source of lumber and also produces comestible and medicinal fruit. We characterized Mendelian inheritance, linkage and genotypic disequilibrium at nine microsatellite loci isolated from H. courbaril, in order to determine if they would provide accurate estimates of population genetic parameters of ... more

F.S. Carneiro; A.E.B. Lacerda; M.R. Lemes; R. Gribel; M. Kanashiro; A.M. Sebbenn
Anthropic effects; Endangered species; Genetic variability; Molecular markers; Population genetics

Phyla scaberrima (Verbenaceae) is a herbaceous peren­nial species that is distributed from Mexico (center of origin) to Colom­bia, growing in forest and swamp edges or grasslands from sea level up to an altitude of 1800 m. The chemical properties and uses in popular medicine have drastically affected the population size of this species. In this study, we investigated genetic ... more

L.G. Androcioli; E.A. Ruas; L.A. Rodrigues; C.F. Ruas; H.E.R. Perilla; P.M. Ruas
Bellamya; Genetic diversity; Microsatellite markers; Population genetics

Bellamya is a widely distributed freshwater snail genus in China; however, its genetic diversity is completely unknown. Sixty-five novel microsatellite loci were isolated and characterized from a microsatellite-enriched library of Bellamya aeruginosa genomic DNA. Most of the 65 loci were successfully amplified. We found high polymorphic information content values for these loci, ... more

Q.H. Gu; Q.Q. Cheng; X.J. Li; C.J. Zhou
Brazilian peppertree; Haplotypes; Medicinal plant; Population genetics; Schinus terebinthifolius

Schinus terebinthifolius Raddi is a perennial native from Atlantic forest. It is of high ecological plasticity and is used in traditional medicine. Based on promising reports concerning its bioactivity, it was included as a species of great interest for distribution through the National Health System. A number of agronomic studies to guide its crop production are therefore ... more

J.V.C. Pinto; B.A. Crispim; A.A. Vasconcelos; D. Geelen; A.B. Grisolia; M.C. Vieira; J.V.C. Pinto; B.A. Crispim; A.A. Vasconcelos; D. Geelen; A.B. Grisolia; M.C. Vieira; J.V.C. Pinto; B.A. Crispim; A.A. Vasconcelos; D. Geelen; A.B. Grisolia; M.C. Vieira
Biological control; Molecular marker; Population genetics; Rearing laboratories; SSR

Cotesia flavipes (Cameron) is a parasitoid wasp used in the biological control of the sugarcane borer (Diatraea saccharalis) (Fabr., 1794). Studies on the genetic diversity of C. flavipes are hampered by the lack of highly polymorphic molecular markers. In this report, a set of 11 microsatellite loci were ... more

L.O.S. Anjos; R.F. Peixoto; D.M.S. Chanquinie; L.R. Pinto; S.A. Creste; L.L. Dinardo-Miranda; M.G.A. Landell; E.V. Tambarussi; R. Vencovsky