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Gene expression profile; Key genes; NF-kB signaling pathway; Oval cell proliferation; Rat liver regeneration

The NF-kB (nuclear factor kB) pathway is involved in the proliferation of many cell types. To explore the mechanism of the NF-kB signaling pathway underlying the oval cell proliferation during rat liver regeneration, the Rat Genome 230 2.0 Array was used to detect expression changes of NF-kB signaling pathway-related genes in oval cells. The results revealed that the expression levels of ... more

W.M. Zhao; Y.L. Qin; Z.P. Niu; C.F. Chang; J. Yang; M.H. Li; Y. Zhou; C.S. Xu; W.M. Zhao; Y.L. Qin; Z.P. Niu; C.F. Chang; J. Yang; M.H. Li; Y. Zhou; C.S. Xu; W.M. Zhao; Y.L. Qin; Z.P. Niu; C.F. Chang; J. Yang; M.H. Li; Y. Zhou; C.S. Xu
Gene expression; Partial hepatectomy; Pit cells; Rat liver regeneration

Hepatic pit cells are a population of large granular lymphocytes that substantially contribute to hepatic immunity. Studies have proven that pit cells have a role in liver regeneration, but the details of the relationship between pit cells and liver regeneration is not clear at present. We subjected rats to a two-third hepatectomy; pit cells with high purity were obtained with Percoll ... more

C.S. Xu; X.G. Chen; C.F. Chang; G.P. Wang; W.B. Wang; L.X. Zhang; Q.S. Zhu; L. Wang
Gene expression profile; Gene synergistic effect; Hepatocyte growth; Phospholipase C signaling pathway; Rat liver regeneration

In general, the phospholipase C (PLC) signaling pathway is involved in many physiological activities, including cell growth. However, little is known regarding how the PLC signaling pathway participates in regulating hepatocyte (HC) growth during liver regeneration (LR). To further explore the influence of the PLC signaling pathway on HCs at the cellular level, HCs of high purity and ... more

G.G. Xu; Z. Geng; X.C. Zhou; Y.G. He; T.T. He; J.X. Mei; Y.J. Yang; Y.Q. Liu; C.S. Xu
5-Hydroxytryptamine; Gene expression profiling analysis; Rat Genome 230 2.0 Microarray; Rat liver regeneration

We examined the gene expression profiles of the 5-hydroxytryptamine signaling pathway in the regenerating liver and 8 types of liver cells during rat liver regeneration, and explored expression differences in 5-hydroxytryptamine signaling pathway genes at the level of tissues and cells, as well as the role of the pathway on liver regeneration. Eight types of rat regenerating liver cells ... more

C.F. Chang; J. Yang; W.M. Zhao; Y. Li; P.J. Guo; M.H. Li; Y. Zhou; C.S. Xu
Bone marrow cells proliferation; Fructus polygoni orientalis; Hepatocyte proliferation; Liver regeneration; Rat

To study the effect of fructus polygoni orentalis extract (EFPO) on liver regeneration and proliferation of bone marrow cells on rat model of partial hepatectomy, EFPO was extracted, and 60 adult male Wistar rats were divided randomly into 6 experimental groups. Rats were treated with intergastric administration (ig) with EFPO daily. All rats were euthanized 7 days after ... more

J.Y. Yang; J.S. Wang; H.B. Liu
Gene expression profile; Lung transplantation; Obliterative bronchiolitism; Tiny RNA; Tracheal transplantation

The aim of this study was to provide the experimental basis for effective prevention and treatment of obliterative bronchiolitis (OB) by studying the changes on the microRNA (miRNA) expression profile after an orthotopic tracheal transplantation (OTT) simulating lung transplantation (LT). The OTT was performed on inbred rats to establish an OB animal model simulating LT, which was ... more

J. Wang; H. Cao; X. Hong; G.H. Chen; H.M. Fan; Q.C. Li; Z.M. Liu; K.F. Li
Brain natriuretic peptide; Cardiovascular disease; Diagnosis; Functional association analysis; Gene expression profile

Previous studies have used microarray technology to explore gene expression differences between the atrium and the ventricle. However, selection criteria for the differentially expressed genes (DEGs) based only on either the fold change or the P value in these studies. Here, we aim to further identify the DEGs by setting a P value threshold of 2, which may yield more specific gene ... more

Y. Zhi; Z. Cao; Q.H. Li; X.L. Li; Y. Sun; T. Zhang; Q. Zhang; Y. Zhi; Z. Cao; Q.H. Li; X.L. Li; Y. Sun; T. Zhang; Q. Zhang; Y. Zhi; Z. Cao; Q.H. Li; X.L. Li; Y. Sun; T. Zhang; Q. Zhang