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Abiotic stress; Agrostis stolonifera; AsACO; Ethylene biosynthesis

A gene encoding 1-aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylic oxidase (ACO), which catalyzes the terminal step in ethylene biosynthesis, was isolated from Agrostis stolonifera. The AsACO gene is composed of 975 bp, encoding 324 amino acids. Three exons interspersed by two introns form AsACO gDNA. A BLAST search of the nucleotide sequence revealed a ... more

G.Z. Xiao; L.J. Li; K. Teng; Y.H. Chao; L.B. Han; G.Z. Xiao; L.J. Li; K. Teng; Y.H. Chao; L.B. Han
Abiotic stress; Gene regulation; Iron homeostasis; Morphological adaptations

Iron (Fe) is an essential microelement for all living organisms playing important roles in several metabolic reactions. Rice (Oryza sativa L.) is commonly cultivated in paddy fields, where Fe goes through a reduction reaction from Fe3+ to Fe2+. Since Fe2+ is more soluble, it can reach toxic levels inside plant cells, constituting an important target for studies. Here we aimed to verify ... more

V.E. Viana; N. Marini; T. Finatto; I. Ezquer; C. Busanello; R.Sdos Santos; C. Pegoraro; L. Colombo; C. de Oliveira
Abiotic stress; cassava; heat stress; Molecular chaperone; plant stress tolerance; TCTP
The TCTP (Translationally controlled tumor protein)
is a highly conserved protein family found in eukaryotic organisms,
which has been associated to the performance of several functions at
the cellular level, as those related to growth, development, and
responses against environmental stresses. However, studies on TCTP
from plants are ... more
D.Novaes Marques; S.Pinho dos Reis; C.Regina Bat de Souza
Abiotic stress; Acid soil; Anthocyanin; Gene expression; Northern blot

Phosphate (Pi) unavailability is a growth-limiting factor for plants. Under Pi-limited conditions, plants activate molecular mechanisms for better acquisition and utilization of this nutrient. In maize, changes in the expression pattern of several Pi starvation-induced genes, including the A1 coding for dihydroflavonol 4-reductase (DFR) involved in ... more

M.J.V. Vasconcelos; J.E.F. Figueiredo; K.G. Raghothama
Abiotic stress; Drought tolerance; Plant breeding; Sorghum bicolor

Drought stress is a serious obstacle for crop production, especially in arid and semi-arid areas of the world. Sorghum is a useful crop to grow in areas with erratic, poorly distributed or inadequate rainfall. To help determine the best alternatives, we evaluated 30 sorghum cultivars with and without water stress in the post-flowering plant stage. The work was ... more

P.S.C. Batista; A.J. Carvalho; A.F. Portugal; E.A. Bastos; M.J. Cardoso; L.G. Torres; M.P.Mingote Júlio; C.B. de Menezes
Abiotic stress; Carbon isotopes; Euphorbiaceae; Organic acids

With the advent of the Brazilian Government Biodiesel Program and the increasing demand for vegetable oils, Jatropha curcas has been emphasized as an alternative raw material. Given the known water stress tolerance of this species, we evaluated the plasticity of photosynthetic metabolism in nine genotypes of J. curcas under water stress (WS). The ... more

L.D. Silva; F.P. Gomes; P.S. Oliveira; F.R. Almeida; C.P. Pirovani; B.G. Laviola; J.F.Tdo Amaral