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Breeding; Heritability; Passiflora edulis; Post-hoc Blocking Row-col

Several strategies have been employed in the breeding of passion fruit with a view to the generation of superior progeny. In an effort to develop more precise methods in breeding, we compared the efficiency of the Post-Hoc Blocking Row-Col technique, which is an a posteriori technique that consists of the overlapping of a block structure on the original-field ... more

N.R. Cavalcante; A.P. Viana; J.E.Almeida Filho; M.G. Pereira; M. Ambrósio; E.A. Santos; R.M. Ribeiro; D.L. Rodrigues; C.M.B. Sousa
Backcrossing; Brachitic plants; Generation means; Genetic components of variance; Heritability

Understanding the genetic control of internode length is essential to develop more compact winter squash genotypes. Our objective was to elucidate the genetic control of internode length before and after emergence of the first female flower in winter squash, Cucurbita moschata. This was done by estimating the linear and quadratic genetic components and ... more

C.F. Almeida; R.S. Gomes; M. Junior; R.L. Oliveira; R.D.F. Laurindo; R.R. Chagas; D.J.H. da Silva
Allium cepa; Genotypes; Heritability; Path analysis

The cultivation of onion in Brazil has a relevant socioeconomic contribution. Despite the potential, there are few onion breeding programs for tropical conditions. One of the major obstacles is related to the complexity during the selection steps, since in onion, quantitative characters and low heritability predominate. For this reason, the purpose of this study ... more

V.C.V. Segundo; C.S. de Oliveira; R. Innecco; J.M.Q. Luz; J.A. de Freitas; G.M. Maciel; A.P.O. Nogueira; A.C.S. Siquieroli
Genetic correlation; Genetic parameters; tolerance; Water stress

Water stress reduces the yield of agricultural crops severely. The objectives of this study were to investigate genotypic differences between 20 popcorn lines in environments under well-irrigated (WW) and water stressed (WS) conditions to determine phenotypic, genetic and environmental relations among agronomic and root traits. The experiment was arranged in a ... more

S.H. Kamphorst; V.J. de Lima; K.F.M. Schimitt; J.T. Leite; V.C. Azeredo; G.F. Pena; P.H.A.D. Santos; D.R.Santos Júnior; S.B. da Silv Júnior; R.B. Bispo; T.O. Santos; S. Khan; A.Tdo Amaral Júnior