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Bovine; cDNA library; Crossbreeds; Expressed sequence tags; Skin

Tick resistance in cattle is mainly found in zebu (Bos indicus) animals, although it is also present in some taurine (B. taurus) breeds. In order to characterize functional genes involved in tick resistance/susceptibility in cattle, two cDNA libraries were generated using skin tissues of selected Holstein x Gyr animals. A total of 2700 high-quality reads from both ... more

C.S. Nascimento; M.A. Machado; S.E.F. Guimarães; M.F. Martins; J.O. Peixoto; J. Furlong; M.C.A. Prata; R.S. Verneque; R.L. Teodoro; P.S. Lopes
cDNA library; Chinese wild Vitis; Cold hardiness; ESTs; Vitis amurensis

A cDNA library of Chinese wild Vitis amurensis, which is the most cold-resistant species in the genus Vitis, was constructed using young leaves of seedlings of the clone Heilongjiang potted and subjected to cold stress. The leaves were harvested at various times after cold stress for total RNA extraction, which was used to generate expressed sequence tags (ESTs). The ... more

J. Zhang; N. Liu; R. Niu; Y. Liu; H. Zhai; W. Xu; Y. Wang
cDNA library; Expressed sequence tags; Ham; Muscle; Sus scrofa

In general, genetic differences across different breeds of pig lead to variation in mature body size and slaughter age. The Commercial breeds Duroc and Large White and the local Brazilian breed Piau are ostensibly distinct in terms of growth and muscularity, commercial breeds are much leaner while local breeds grow much slower and are fat type pigs. However, the genetic factors that ... more

C.S. Nascimento; J.O. Peixoto; L.L. Verardo; C.F. Campos; M.M.C. Weller; V.R. Faria; M.E. Botelho; M.F. Martins; M.A. Machado; F.F. Silva; P.S. Lopes; S.E.F. Guimarães
cDNA library; Soybean; Soybean regeneration; Suppression subtractive hybridization (SSH)

The development of a genetic transformation system is needed to address the problem of the low efficiency associated with soybean regeneration. To contribute to the enhancement of the soybean regenerative capacity, we explored the developmental mechanisms of soybean regeneration at the molecular level using a suppression subtractive hybridization cDNA library constructed from ... more

J. Sun; J. Li; M. Liu; B.B. Zhang; D.M. Li; M. Wang; C. Zhang; W.B. Li; A.Y. Su; X.X. Wu
Hepatocytes; Liver; Long-term exposure; Nitrosamine; NNK; Smoking

There are over 7,000 components in cigarette smoke, 70 of which are considered genotoxic and carcinogenic. N-Nitrosamine 4-(methylnitrosamino)-1-(3-pyridyl)-1-butanone (NNK) is one of these components. When treated with NNK at concentrations of as low as 0.1 nM, breast and lung cells are known to acquire malignant properties. The liver plays an important role in ... more

A.M. Miyake-Mizusaka; T.L. Ikeda; M.K. Nagamine; R.P. Araldi; M.L.Z. Dagli
Adventitious rooting; cDNA library; EST-SSRs; Functional genes; Liriodendron hybrids

Liriodendron hybrids (Liriodendron chinense x L. tulipifera) are important landscaping and afforestation hardwood trees. To date, little genomic research on adventitious rooting has been reported in these hybrids, as well as in the genus Liriodendron. In the present study, we used adventitious roots to construct the first cDNA library for ... more

Y.D. Zhong; X.Y. Sun; E.Y. Liu; Y.Q. Li; Z. Gao; F.X. Yu; Y.D. Zhong; X.Y. Sun; E.Y. Liu; Y.Q. Li; Z. Gao; F.X. Yu