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AvrPik alleles; Fitness costs; Isoprothiolane; Magnaporthe oryzae

The in vitro sensitivity of AvrPik allele isolates of Magnaporthe oryzae to isoprothiolane was examined and the virulence fitness costs of AvrPik allele isolates to isoprothiolane were assessed. Isoprothiolane was found to suppress the radial growth of AvrPik allele isolates at all concentrations (1, 5, 10, 15, and 20 μg/mL). Generally, a higher ... more

W.H. Wu; L. Wang; S. Zhang; Y.Q. Liang; X.L. Zheng; K.X. Yi; C.P. He
Effector protein; Magnaporthe oryzae; Overexpression vector; PEG-mediated transformation

The aim of this study was to construct overexpression vectors and selecting strains of the Magnaporthe oryzae effectors BAS1 and BAS4. Primer pairs of BAS1, BAS4, and mCherry were designed based on their known nucleotide sequences. The coding sequences of BAS1 and BAS4 were amplified, and the pXY201 plasmid was selected as a template to amplify the mCherry sequence. Fragments of ... more

M.L. Liang; J.L. Yan; Y.Q. Yang; L. Liu; C.Y. Li; J. Yang
Lipasin cloning; Porcine; Prokaryotic expression

Lipasin has recently been demonstrated to be involved in lipid metabolism. In this study, two specific primers were used to amplify the lipasin open reading frame from porcine liver tissue. The polymerase chain reaction product was cloned to a pGEM®-T Easy Vector, digested by SalI and NotI, and sequenced. The lipasin fragment was then cloned to a pET21(b) vector and ... more

M.M. Li; J. Geng; Y.J. Guo; X.Q. Jiao; W.F. Lu; H.S. Zhu; Y.Y. Wang; G.Y. Yang
Cell cycle; Cyclin E/CDK2 complex; Penaeus monodon; Prokaryotic expression; Pull-down

Reduced reproductive performance of the black tiger shrimp (Penaeus monodon) has caused economic losses and hampered the fishing industry. Detailed investigation of the molecular mechanism by which the cell cycle is regulated in this organism is needed to understand the development and maturation of ovaries and oocytes, with a view to improving reproductive capacity. Cell cycle ... more

C. Zhao; M.J. Fu; L.H. Qiu; C. Zhao; M.J. Fu; L.H. Qiu
Association analysis; Genetic diversity; Indica landrace; Magnaporthe oryzae; SSR

Rice blast caused by Magnaporthe oryzae is one of the most devastating rice diseases worldwide. To understand the genetic diversity of indica landrace accessions and identify simple sequence repeat (SSR) markers that are associated with blast resistance, a population of 276 indica landraces from across the world was constructed. This population was then used to ... more

Y.Y. Wu; J.B. He; A.H. Li; N.Y. Fang; W.W. He; L.L. Dang; G.Y. Zeng; J. Huang; Y.M. Bao; H.S. Zhang; Y.Y. Wu; J.B. He; A.H. Li; N.Y. Fang; W.W. He; L.L. Dang; G.Y. Zeng; J. Huang; Y.M. Bao; H.S. Zhang
Magnaporthe oryzae; Oryza sativa; Transcriptome; Weighted gene co-expression network; WGCNA

Rice blast disease is a major threat to rice production worldwide; the causative pathogenic fungus Magnaporthe oryzae induces rice (Oryza sativa) plants to undergo molecular changes that help them to circumvent this fungal attack. Transcriptome studies have demonstrated that many genes are involved in the defense response of rice to M. oryzae ... more

R. Bevitori; S. Sircar; R.N. de Mello; R.C. Togawa; M.V.C.B. Côrtes; T.S. Oliveira; M.F. Grossi-de-Sá; N. Parekh