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Biomarkers, Tumor; Carcinoma, Signet Ring Cell; CDX2 Transcription Factor; Codon; Female; Genes, ras; Humans; male; Middle Aged; Mucins; Mutation; Mutation Rate; Neoplasm Metastasis; Phenotype; Stomach neoplasms

We aimed to analyze gastric signet ring cell (SRC) carcinoma subtypes by investigating gastric and intestinal phenotypic marker expression, and explore the relationship between phenotype and K-ras mutation. Immunohistochemistry was performed on 163 SRC carcinoma patient specimens to detect gastric (MUC1, MUC5AC, and MUC6) and intestinal (MUC2 and CDX2) phenotypic markers, and tumors were ... more

Z.F. Xiong; J. Shi; Z.H. Fu; H.P. Wan; L.X. Tu
Bacterial Proteins; Flagella; Membrane Proteins; Movement; Mutation; Open Reading Frames; Protein Binding; Protein domains; Virulence; Xanthomonas

Citrus canker, caused by the Gram-negative bacterium Xanthomonas citri subsp citri (Xac), severely affects most economically important citrus varieties worldwide. A previous study showed that disruption of the ORF XAC1201 from the Xac 306 strain by transposon Tn5 decreased bacterium virulence in the Rangpur lime host (Citrus limonia L. Osbeck). However, little is known regarding the possible ... more

F.C.F. Vieira; A.M. Gonçalves; E.F.R. Mendoza; R.M. Ferreira; M.L.M. Costa; T.S. Balbuena; H.G. Sebinelli; P. Ciancaglini; J.M.Pizauro Junior; J.A. Ferro
Coronavirus; COVID-19; D614G; Mutation; Population genetics; SARS-CoV-2

The COVID-19 pandemic is caused by the worldwide spread of the RNA virus SARS-CoV-2. Because of its mutational rate, wide geographical distribution, and host response variance this coronavirus is currently evolving into an array of strains with increasing genetic diversity. Most variants apparently have neutral effects for disease spread and symptom severity. ... more

F. Antoneli; T.N. Furuyama; I.M.V.G. Carvalho; M.R.S. Briones; L.M.R. Janini
Cloning; Copy number variation; mRNA expression; Porcine; Signal peptide CUB EGF-like domain-containing protein 3 gene

The signal peptide CUB EGF-like domain-containing protein 3 (SCUBE3) gene is a member of SCUBE gene family and plays important roles in bone cell biology and the determination of limb bone length. In this study, the full-length transcript of porcine SCUBE3 was cloned using reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction and rapid amplification of cDNA ends. The ... more

X. Liu; L.G. Wang; L.C. Zhang; H. Yan; K.B. Zhao; J. Liang; N. Li; L. Pu; T. Zhang; L.X. Wang; X. Liu; L.G. Wang; L.C. Zhang; H. Yan; K.B. Zhao; J. Liang; N. Li; L. Pu; T. Zhang; L.X. Wang