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Atlantic Forest; Cariniana legalis; Jequitibá rosa; Microsatellites; Spatial genetic structure

The fragments of the Atlantic Forest of southern Bahia have a long history of intense logging and selective cutting. Some tree species, such as jequitibá rosa (Cariniana legalis), have experienced a reduction in their populations with respect to both area and density. To evaluate the possible effects of selective logging on genetic diversity, gene flow, and spatial genetic ... more

J.B. Leal; R.P. Santos; F.A. Gaiotto
Demographic changes; Genetic heterogeneity; Microsatellites; Mitochondrial sequences; Tayassu pecari

We sequenced the mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) control region of 59 peccaries (44 white-lipped peccaries, Tayassu pecari, and 15 collared peccaries, Pecari tajacu). We also genotyped 3 DNA microsatellites from 78 white-lipped peccaries representing the 4 putative morphological subspecies (i.e., spiradens, aequatoris, pecari, and albirostris ... more

M. Ruiz-García; M. Pinedo-Castro; K. Luengas-Villamil; C. Vergara; J.A. Rodriguez; J.M. Shostell
Cross-species amplification; Expressed sequence tags; Single sequence repeats; Sinonovacula constricta

Next-generation sequencing provides large-scale sequencing data with relative ease and at a reasonable cost, making it possible to identify a large amount of SSR markers in a timely and cost-effective manner. On the basis of the transcriptome database of Sinonovacula constricta obtained by Illumina/Solexa pyrosequencing, 60 polymorphic SSR markers were developed and characterized ... more

Y.H. Dong; H.H. Yao; C.S. Sun; D.M. Lv; M.Q. Li; Z.H. Lin; Y.H. Dong; H.H. Yao; C.S. Sun; D.M. Lv; M.Q. Li; Z.H. Lin; Y.H. Dong; H.H. Yao; C.S. Sun; D.M. Lv; M.Q. Li; Z.H. Lin