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Annamocarya sinensis; Endangered species; Genetic diversity; Microsatellite; Population structure

The endangered perennial plant Annamocarya sinensis (Dode) Leroy is a tertiary relict tree restricted to southeastern China and northern Vietnam. To explore endangerment mechanisms, develop protection strategies, and guide reintroduction efforts for this species, we investigated genetic diversity and population structure by surveying 70 individuals from three distinct ... more

Z.Y. Zhang; X.M. Pang; J.W. Han; Y. Wang; Y.Y. Li
Cagaita; Cerrado; Genetic diversity; Microsatellite; Shotgun library

Microsatellite markers were developed for population genetic analyses of the Neotropical tree Eugenia dysenterica DC (Myrtaceae), after construction of a shotgun genomic library for microsatellite discovery. Nine primers were designed, of which 5 yielded amplified product. These primers were polymorphic for 97 individuals collected in 3 distinct localities. The number of alleles ... more

M.P.C. Telles; J.B. Silva; L.V. Resende; R.P. Vianello; L.J. Chaves; T.N. Soares; R.G. Collevatti
Gene flow; Genetic diversity; Lepidoptera evolution; Management units; Microsatellite; Population genetics

We present polymorphic microsatellite markers isolated for genetic studies of the sugarcane borer, Diatraea saccharalis (Fabricius). We isolated 16 microsatellite loci through an enriched genomic library protocol. After characterization, 12 markers showed polymorphic information expressed in the observed number of alleles (ranging from 2 to 7; 5 on average) and in the ... more

V.A.C. Pavinato; K.L. Silva-Brandão; M. Monteiro; M.I. Zucchi; J.B. Pinheiro; F.L.F. Dias; C. Omoto
Genetic diversity; Microsatellite; Molecular breeding; Popcorn; SSR locus; Zea mays

We analyzed genetic structure and diversity among eight populations of popcorn, using SSR loci as genetic markers. Our objectives were to select SSR loci that could be used to estimate genetic diversity within popcorn populations, and to analyze the genetic structure of promising populations with high levels of heterozygosity that could be used in breeding programs. Fifty-seven alleles (3 ... more

I.B.O. Eloi; C.A. Mangolin; C.A. Scapim; C.S. Gonçalves; M.F.P.S. Machado
Cyclina sinensis; Genetic diversity; Microsatellite; Polymorphism

The Venus clam, Cyclina sinensis, is one of the most important bivalves in China marine aquaculture. Using (CA)15-enriched genomic libraries of this species, nine novel polymorphic microsatellite loci were isolated and characterized. The mean number of observed alleles per locus was 16 (range 8-24). The observed and expected heterozygosity ranged from 0.119 to 0.872 ... more

J.X. Wang; T.J. Xu; L. Wei; F.X. Meng; R.X. Wang
Genetic diversity; Microsatellite; Miiuy croaker; Population structure

Genetic diversity and patterns of population structure of the miiuy croaker were investigated using SSR markers. A set of 10 microsatellite loci revealed 40 alleles; the number of alleles varied from 2 to 10 for each marker. A relatively high level of genetic variability was observed between miiuy croaker individuals. Genetic diversity was relatively high within populations with ... more

Y. Qin; D.Q. Sun; T.J. Xu; X.Z. Liu; Y.N. Sun
Genetic diversity; Genetic stability; Microsatellite; Simple sequence repeat locus; Sugarcane

In this study, we measured the genetic diversity within and among a set of 9 commercial sugarcane varieties used for alcohol and sugar production using 17 microsatellite DNA markers. The UGSM148 and UGSM59 primers were monomorphic for all 74 sugarcane samples. The estimated proportion of simple sequence repeated (SSR) polymorphic loci was 88.23%; 17 alleles were detected. The mean gene ... more

R.C. Maranho; R. Augusto; C.A. Mangolin; M.F.P.S. Machado
Brown rust; Genetic diversity; Microsatellite; Puccinia melanocephala; Simple sequence repeat; Sugarcane

Brown rust (causal agent Puccinia melanocephala) is an important sugarcane disease that is responsible for large losses in yield worldwide. Despite its importance, little is known regarding the genetic diversity of this pathogen in the main Brazilian sugarcane cultivation areas. In this study, we characterized the genetic diversity of 34 P. melanocephala isolates from 4 ... more

R.F. Peixoto-Junior; S. Creste; M.G.A. Landell; D.S. Nunes; A. Sanguino; M.F. Campos; R. Vencovsky; E.V. Tambarussi; A. Figueira
Culter alburnus; Genetic diversity; Microsatellite

The topmouth culter (Culter alburnus) is an economically important freshwater fish, which is widely distributed throughout large rivers, reservoirs, and lake areas of China. We report here the isolation and characterization of 32 new polymorphic microsatellite loci isolated from genomic DNA in this species enriched by (CA)12 and (GA)12 probes. The ... more

S.L. Liu; Z.M. Gu; Y.Y. Jia; J.L. Zhao; W.P. Jiang; Q. Li; F. Li
Freshwater fish; Genetic diversity; Mantel test; Microsatellite; Population genetic structure; Spatial autocorrelation

Geographical genetics allows the evaluation of evolutionary processes underlying genetic variation within and among local populations and forms the basis for establishing more effective strategies for biodiversity conservation at the population level. In this study, we used explicit spatial analyses to investigate molecular genetic variation (estimated using 7 microsatellite markers) of ... more

M.P.C. Telles; R.G. Collevatti; R.S. Braga; L.B.S. Guedes; T.G. Castro; M.C. Costa; N.J. Silva-Júnior; R.B. Barthem; J.A.F. Diniz-Filho