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Brangus; Carcass; DNA; Growth; Growth hormone; SNP

Sequence polymorphisms in the growth hormone (GH) gene and its transcriptional regulators, Pit-1 and Prop-1, were evaluated for associations with growth and carcass traits in two populations of Brangus bulls Chihuahuan Desert Rangeland Research Center (CDRRC, N = 248 from 14 sires) and a cooperating breeding program (COOP, N = 186 from 34 sires). Polymorphisms were SNP mutations in intron 4 (C ... more

M.G. Thomas; R.M. Enns; K.L. Shirley; M.D. Garcia; A.J. Garrett; G.A. Silver
Brahman; Carcass; DNA; Genetic marker; Growth; Growth hormone

Associations of DNA polymorphisms in growth hormone (GH) relative to growth and carcass characteristics in growing Brahman steers (N = 324 from 68 sires) were evaluated. Polymorphisms were an Msp-I RFLP and a leucine/valine SNP in the GH gene as well as a Hinf-I RFLP and a histidine/arginine SNP in transcriptional regulators of the GH gene, Pit-1 and Prop-1. Genotypic frequencies of ... more

V.R. Beauchemin; M.G. Thomas; D.E. Franke; G.A. Silver
Dairy cattle; Fertility; Growth hormone; IGF-1; Single nucleotide polymorphism

The somatotrophic axis (GH-IGF) is a key regulator of animal growth and development, affecting performance traits that include milk production, growth rate, body composition, and fertility. The aim of this study was to quantify the association of previously identified SNPs in bovine growth hormone (GH1) and insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1) genes with direct ... more

M.P. Mullen; C.O. Lynch; S.M. Waters; D.J. Howard; P. O’Boyle; D.A. Kenny; F. Buckley; B. Horan; M.G. Diskin
Bioinformatics; Growth hormone; Primer walking; Rhamdia quelen; Siluriformes

Rhamdia quelen is an important Neotropical catfish species for fisheries and aquaculture in southern Brazil, where it is called Jandia. Like other native Brazilian species of economic importance, R. quelen genetics needs more attention for animal breeding programs. The growth hormone gene is known to be linked to a number of molecular markers and quantitative trait loci ... more

B.S. Vaz; G.M. Cerqueira; J.C. Silva; V.H.B. Manzke; C.G.A. Moreira; H.L.M. Moreira
Bos indicus; Dietary restriction; Growth hormone; Longevity; marker-assisted selection; Thrifty gene

Growth hormone (GH) is a part of the somatotropic axis that controls metabolism, growth, development and aging in a wide range of animals. Mutations that reduce GH signaling have been associated with extended life spans and increased longevity in ways similar to what is observed in dietary restriction (DR) models. However, the mechanism by which DR works is not well understood. Here, we ... more

S.U. Dani; M.A.C. Dani; I.L. Freire; S.P. Gouvea; F.B. Knackfuss; F.P. Lima; M.E.Z. Mercadante; E. Monteiro; S.M.G. Paggiaro; A.G. Razook; H.C. Yehia
Doxycycline; Growth hormone; Lentiviral vector; Tet-On system

Although growth hormone gene transgenic animals are much larger than normal animals, they manifest differences that have adverse effects on survival due to overexpression of growth hormone. We developed a stable pig embryonic fibroblast cell line expressing pig growth hormone (pGH) using the Tet-On system, with which we can conditionally manipulate expression of pGH in vivo. ... more

B.C. Jiang; D.B. Yu; L.J. Wang; F.L. Dong; H.A. Kaleri; X.G. Wang; N. Ally; J. Li; H.L. Liu