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Apoptosis; Follicular atresia; Fox O1

Follicular atresia, a key phenomenon in follicle development, eliminates most of the follicles in mammalian ovaries. To investigate the molecular mechanism of follicular atresia in porcine ovaries, we investigated the mRNA expression of three important cell death ligand-receptor systems and Fox O1 in follicles with a diameter of 3-5 mm. The phosphorylation and subcellular localization of ... more

F. Lin; Y.H. Fu; J. Han; M. Shen; C.W. Du; R. Li; X.S. Ma; H.L. Liu
Apoptosis; Apoptotic genes; Icariin; Nephrectomy

The aim of this study was to investigate the renal protective effect of icariin in 5/6 nephrectomized rats and the molecular mechanisms involved. Forty male Sprague-Dawley rats were randomly divided into 5 groups: sham-operated group, 5/6 nephrectomy model group, icariin groups (20 and 40 mg/kg), and benazepril group. After 12-weeks treatment, 24-h urine and serum were collected, and ... more

S.R. Liang; J.W. Bi; Z.L. Guo; Y. Bai; Z. Hu
meat quality; Pig; RH mapping

The suppressive subtractive hybridization technique was previously used by the authors to identify candidate genes for meat quality in pig. A set of ESTs homologous (>95%) to genes involved in muscle metabolism is reported in the present paper. Four ESTs homologous to MYH1, KALRN, MLC2V, and SNX13 genes plus two genes (AK1, PPIA) used as housekeeping for muscle tissue were assigned to ... more

C. Gorni; S. Iacuaniello; B. Castiglioni; G. Pagnacco; P. Mariani
Alternative splicing variant; DRD2 gene; Expression; Pig; Polymorphism

The dopamine D2 receptor (DRD2) is a crucial mediator for normal physiological processes. We cloned the pig DRD2 gene, investigated its distribution in tissues and identified polymorphisms by RT-PCR, quantitative real-time PCR and direct sequencing. Two Yorkshire pigs from Guangdong Academy of Agricultural Sciences (Guangzhou, China) were selected to clone the gene and ... more

H.P. Xu; X.M. He; M.X. Fang; Y.S. Hu; X.Z. Jia; Q.H. Nie; X.Q. Zhang
Glycogenin-1; Glycolytic potential; Muscle-fiber type; Myosin heavy chains; Pig

This study analyzed the effect of muscle-fiber type composition on glycogenin-1 (GYG) gene expression and its impact on pH. The longissimus dorsi (LD) muscle contains more type IIB fibers (75.10%) than does the psoas major (PM) muscle (41.58%), while the PM has more type I (3.65 vs 0.94%), type IIA (34.15 vs 10.63%), and type IIX (20.62 vs 13.33%) fibers. ... more

S.H. Zhang; L. Zhu; Z.H. Wu; Y. Zhang; G.Q. Tang; Y.Z. Jiang; M.Z. Li; L. Bai; X.W. Li
Escherichia coli F18; Pig; Real-time PCR; TLR4 gene

TLR4 is the main recognition receptor of bacterial lipopolysaccharides, which play an important role in innate and adaptive immunity. We used real-time PCR to analyze the tissue expression profile and differential expression of TLR4 in 4 pig populations (Escherichia coli F18-resistant Sutai, E. coli F18-sensitive Sutai, Large White, Meishan), in order ... more

J. Wang; Z.Y. Pan; X.R. Zheng; Z.C. Wu; X.M. Su; G.Q. Zhu; X.G. Huang; S.L. Wu; W.B. Bao
BPI gene; Gene expression; Pig; Real-time PCR

We compared and analyzed the expression of the BPI gene of Sutai piglets ranging from newborn to post-weaning days 8, 18, 30, and 35 by the real-time PCR method, in order to determine if it is involved in protection against disease caused by ETEC F18. There was a significant difference between 18 and 35-day expres­sion in the jejunum. There were also significant differences ... more

J. Zhu; C. Zi; Z.C. Wu; L. Liu; X.R. Zheng; X.M. Su; G.Q. Zhu; X.G. Huang; S.L. Wu; W.B. Bao
DNA methylation; Fat; MSAP; Muscle; Pig

DNA methylation may be involved in regulating the expression of protein-coding genes, resulting in different fat and muscle phenotypes. Using a methylation-sensitive amplified polymorphism approach, we obtained 7423 bands by selective amplification of genomic DNA from six different fat depots and two heterogeneous muscle types from Duroc/Landrace/Yorkshire cross-bred pigs. The degrees of ... more

J.D. Ma; M.Z. Li; S.L. Zhou; C.W. Zhou; X.W. Li
Milk; miRNA; Normalization; Pig; Quantitative PCR

Determination of an optimal set/number of internal control microRNA (miRNA) genes is a critical, but often undervalued, detail of quantitative gene expression analysis. No validated internal genes for miRNA quantitative PCR (q-PCR) in pig milk were available. We compared the expression stability of six porcine internal control miRNA genes in pig milk from different lactation periods (1 h ... more

Y.R. Gu; Y. Liang; J.J. Gong; K. Zeng; Z.Q. Li; Y.F. Lei; Z.P. He; X.B. Lv
Adipose; MDH1; MDH2; ME1; mRNA; Pig; qRT-PCR

Malate dehydrogenases 1 and 2 (MDH1 and MDH2), and malic enzyme 1 (ME1) play important roles in the Krebs cycle for energy metabolism. The mRNA abundance changes of MDH1, MDH2 and ME1 genes were measured across six different adipose tissues from the leaner Landrace and fatty Rongchang pig breeds using quantitative real-time PCR. The ... more

S.L. Zhou; M.Z. Li; Q.H. Li; J.Q. Guan; X.W. Li