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Aechmea; Genetic divergence; interspecific hybrid; SRAP

Conventional hybridization and selection techniques have aided the development of new ornamental crop cultivars. However, little information is available on the genetic divergence of bromeliad hybrids. In the present study, we investigated the genetic variability in interspecific hybrids of Aechmea gomosepala and A. recurvata var. recurvata using inflorescence ... more

F. Zhang; Y.Y. Ge; W.Y. Wang; X.L. Shen; X.Y. Yu
Dioecious; Idesia polycarpa Maxim.; SCAR; Sex determination; SRAP; Transposition

Idesia polycarpa Maxim. is a dioecious species. Because of the lack of morphological and cytological methods available for identifying its sex during the long juvenile stage, the application of molecular markers in sex identification may facilitate sex determination in the seedling stage. The objective of this study was to use sequence-related amplified polymorphism to identify ... more

S.H. Wang; Y. Li; Z.Q. Li; L. Chang; L. Li