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Apolipoprotein B; Child; Genetic variation; Hyperlipidemia; Nephrotic syndrome

Apolipoprotein B (apoB) gene 3' variable number of tandem repeat (VNTR) is highly variable, and therefore can be an informative marker for associative analysis of lipid metabolism. This is the first report focusing on a possible association of apoB VNTR polymorphism with nephrotic hyperlipidemia. Genomic DNA was extracted from 500 children with primary nephrotic syndrome (PNS) and 500 ... more

P. Hu; B. Hu; Y.H. Qin; L. Lu; Z.Q. Li; L.Q. Tao; Q. Pei; J. Chen
Abnormal Savda syndrome; Ischemia-reperfusion injury; Munziq; Rats

To investigate the effects of different doses of abnormal Savda Munziq on myocardial ischemia-reperfusion injury (MI/RI) in rats with the abnormal Savda syndrome, 50 abnormal Savda animal models were randomly divided into a control group, a model group, a high-dose group, a middle-dose group, and a low-dose group, with each group containing 10 rats. The enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay ... more

A. Maimaitiaili; A. Shabiti; M. Abudureheman; Z. Musha; Q. Jun; G. Maimaitiaili; A. Aibibula; H. Upur
Bone marrow stem cells; Erythropoietin; Hypoxia-inducible factor-1α; Ischemia-reperfusion injury; Kidney; Vascular endothelial growth factor

To explore the mechanism whereby stem cell factor (SCF) and granulocyte colony-stimulating factor (G-CSF) jointly mobilize bone marrow stem cells (BMSCs) and promote kidney repair, male Sprague-Dawley rats were randomly assigned into 4 groups. In the treatment control group, rats were administered SCF (200 μg·kg-1·day-1) and G-CSF (50 μg·kg-1·day-1) for 5 days. In ... more

L.Y. Bi; D.A. Zhao; D.S. Yang; J.G. Guo; B. Liang; R.X. Zhang; J.L. Zhao; H.T. Bai; S.J. Li
Ischemia preconditioning; Ischemia-reperfusion injury; Liver transplantation; Rats

We explored the protective effect of ischemia preconditioning (IP) on ischemia-reperfusion injury in rat liver transplantation. An orthotopic liver transplantation model was utilized in the study. A total of 54 Sprague-Dawley rats were divided into a control group (group A, no liver transplantation), liver transplantation group (group B, heparin Ringer’s lactate solution was perfused via ... more

Z.S. Qing; X.S. Zhang; C.C. Gao; W.D. Liu; T.F. Xia; K. Wu; L.Q. Pang
Chromosome aberration; Imidacloprid; Methamidophos; Micronucleus; Rat; Salmonella microsome assay

We examined the cytogenetic and genotoxic effects of the neonicotinoid insecticide imidacloprid and the organophosphate insecticide methamidophos, when administered alone or in combination. These insecticides were tested with the bone marrow chromosome aberration assay and micronucleus test in rats and by the bacterial mutation assay (Salmonella/microsome mutagenicity assay ... more

U. Karabay; G. Oguz
Lactation; Leptin; Pregnancy; Rat; Virgin

Leptin is expressed in various tissues, suggesting that this protein is effective not only at the central nervous system level, but also peripherically. Recent studies have shown leptin production by other tissues, including the placenta, stomach, and mammary tissues, but there is no information available concerning expression levels of leptin in the rat mammary gland at different activation ... more

Y.Y. Wang; Y.L. Wang; H.P. Li; H.S. Zhu; Q.D. Jiang; L. Zhang; L.F. Wang; L.Q. Han; K. Zhong; Y.J. Guo; W.F. Lu; H.J. Li; G.Y. Yang
Apoptosis; Heat stress; Hsp90α; Myocardial cells; Rat

To understand the mechanism underlying the sudden animal death caused by acute heart failure during heat stress, the relationships among the heat-induced pathological changes and apoptosis and the variations in the levels of protective Hsp90α and its mRNA in the heat-stressed primary myocardial cells of neonatal rats in vitro were studied by cytopathological observation, ... more

A. Islam; Y.J. Lv; A. Abdelnasir; B. Rehana; Z.J. Liu; M. Zhang; S. Tang; Y.F. Cheng; H.B. Chen; J. Hartung; E.D. Bao
Duodenum; FoxO; IGF-1; Rat; Signaling pathway

The insulin growth factor 1/phosphatase and tensin homologue deleted on chromosome 10/Akt/forkhead box (IGF-1/PTEN/Akt/FoxO) signaling pathway reportedly exhibits gastroprotective effects by reducing water immersion and restraint stress (WRS)-induced gastric mucosal cell apoptosis. We examined the expression and localization of IGF-1, PTEN, Akt, and FoxO proteins, caspase-3 activity, and ... more

P. Huang; Z.R. Zhou; M.Q. Zheng; F.X. Shi
Heat stress; Hsp60; In vivo and in vitro cell culture; Myocardial cell; Rat

To investigate the protective role of Hsp60 against stress damage and its role in the sudden death of stressed animals, changes in the levels of Hsp60 protein and hsp60 mRNA of myocardial cells in vivo and in vitro were studied. In addition, the relationship between Hsp60 expression and heat-induced damage was also studied. Rats were exposed to a temperature of ... more

Y.F. Cheng; J.R. Sun; H.B. Chen; A. Abdelnasir; S. Tang; N. Kemper; J. Hartung; E.D. Bao
DNA vaccine; Inhibin; Ovary; Rat; Salmonella choleraesuis

DNA vaccination has been studied intensively as a potential vaccine technology. We evaluated the effect of an attenuated Salmonella choleraesuis-mediated inhibin DNA vaccine in rats. First, 15 rats were treated with different doses of an inhibin vaccine to evaluate vaccine safety. Next, 30 rats were divided into 3 groups and injected intramuscularly with the inhibin vaccine two ( ... more

F.M. Hui; C.L. Meng; N.N. Guo; L.G. Yang; F.X. Shi; D.G. Mao