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Caspase; Gene polymorphisms; Lung cancer; Meta-analysis

The caspase (CASP) gene family is known to be involved in apoptosis, cytokine maturation, cell growth, and differentiation. A large number of single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in the CASP gene family have been increasingly recognized as important regulators in the development of lung cancer. However, this specific association is still controversial. In this Human Genome Epidemiology ... more

Z.Y. Zhang; Y. Xuan; X.Y. Jin; X. Tian; R. Wu
Breast cancer; EPHX1; Lung cancer; Meta-analysis; Polymorphism

The association between the microsomal epoxide hydrolase 1 gene (EPHX1) Tyr113His polymorphism and lung cancer and breast cancer risk has been reported in many recent studies, but there is no consensus among the results. Thus, we examined the association between the EPHX1 Tyr113His polymorphism and lung cancer through a meta-analysis. A comprehensive literature search was ... more

X. Tan; Y.Y. Wang; X.Y. Chen; L. Xian; J.J. Guo; G.B. Liang; M.W. Chen
Chemotherapy; Gene polymorphism; Lung cancer; Meta-analysis; Platinum; XRCC1

X-ray repair cross complementing group 1(XRCC1) polymorphisms have been implicated in interindividual variability of efficacy of platinum chemotherapy for treating non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC); however, results of different studies have been inconsistent. We conducted a meta-analysis to investigate the association between polymorphisms in the XRCC1 gene and ... more

L. Li; C. Wan; F.Q. Wen
Esophageal cancer; Insulin-like growth factor; Lung cancer; Meta-analysis; Polymorphism

Recent evidence suggests that genetic variations in the insulin-like growth factor (IGF)-IGF receptor (IGFR)-IGF binding proteins (IGFBP) axis may impact an individual’s susceptibility to lung and esophageal cancer, but individually published results are inconclusive. Our meta-analysis aimed at providing a more precise estimation of these associations. An extensive literature search was ... more

X.P. Huang; W.H. Zhou; Y.F. Zhang
Genetic polymorphism; Lung cancer; Meta-analysis; rs401681 (G>A); TERT-CLPTM1L

A genome-wide association study revealed that a single nucleotide polymorphism, CLPTM1L - rs401681 (G>A), located at the 5p15.33 locus was significantly associated with increased risk of various cancers; however, its association with lung cancer is currently inconclusive. In order to explore the relationship between this polymorphism and lung cancer risk more precisely, we ... more

X.L. Zhang; X.J. Zhang; Y. Chen; Y.M. Zhang; Q. Zhang; C.X. Cao; D.Y. Gu; J.F. Shi; Y.L. Gong; J.F. Chen; C.J. Tang
GSTM1; Lung cancer; Meta-analysis; Polymorphism

The relationship between glutathione S-transferase M1 (GSTM1) genetic polymorphisms and lung cancer has been reported previously. However, the results are not consistent. Therefore, to clarify the association between GSTM1 polymorphisms and lung cancer, we performed a meta-analysis based on published studies. We used the Revman 5.0 software to perform literature ... more

H. Liu; H.F. Ma; Y.K. Chen
Gene polymorphism; Interleukin-6; Lung cancer; Meta-analysis

The results of previous case-control studies examining the relationship between the interleukin (IL)-6 gene -174G>C polymorphism and lung cancer are controversial. In this study, we evaluated the relationship between the IL-6 gene -174G>C polymorphism and lung cancer. We selected 5 case-control studies related to the IL-6 gene -174G>C polymorphism and lung cancer by searching the ... more

Y. Liu; X.L. Song; G.L. Zhang; A.M. Peng; P.F. Fu; P. Li; M. Tan; X. Li; M. Li; C.H. Wang
Diagnosis; EGFR; Lung cancer; p16; p53; Rb

Mutations of some contributing factors (p53, p16, Rb, and EGFR) are believed to affect diagnosis and drug resistance of lung cancer. We evaluated the efficacy of a multimarker panel for molecular diagnosis of lung cancer, using a high-throughput suspension microarray. One hundred and twenty-five lung cancer specimens and 30 tumor-free lung tissue samples were assayed by multiplex ... more

Y. Ye; D. Wang; C. Su; T. Rong; A. Guo
High-resolution melting analysis; Lung cancer; Non-small cell lung cancer; Risk factor; Single nucleotide polymorphism

Although lung cancer (LC) is a highly environmentally associated disease, genetic factors are also thought to play a role in this disease. In recent years, genome-wide association studies have identified various susceptible genetic regions for LC. Herein, we used high-resolution melting analysis to genotype 2 significant single nucleotide polymorphisms previously reported in Caucasians, ... more

H. Wang; Y. Zhao; J. Ma; G. Zhang; Y. Mu; G. Qi; Z. Fang; L. Wang; Q. Fan; Z. Ma
Haplogroup; Lung cancer; Mitochondrial DNA; Somatic mutation

Mitochondrial DNA mutations play crucial roles in the pathogenesis and progression of human malignancies. Therefore, to determine whether maternal background or mitochondrial DNA somatic mutations were essential cofactors in the lung cancer of Chinese patients as well, the complete mitochondrial DNA displacement loop of the primary cancerous, matched para-cancerous normal and distant ... more

Y. Fang; H.Y. Yang; Y.H. Shi; J.H. Cui; L.Y. Li; Y.C. Xu; J.L. Shao