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CTAB; DNA extraction; Herbarium specimen; Papilionoideae; PCR amplification

Three DNA extraction protocols were compared for their ability to yield DNA from the leaves of herbarium specimens of nine species from nine genera of the Papilionoideae. We tested two protocols that use classic procedures for lysis and purification with cetyl trimethylammonium bromide (CTAB); a third protocol used a Nucleospin Plant kit. DNA obtained from all three procedures was ... more

M. Riahi; S. Zarre; A.A. Maassoumi; F. Attar; K. Osaloo
CTAB; DNA extraction protocol; PVP; RAPD; Sunflower

In order to investigate the mutation characteristics and to further examine the genetic variation of mutant sunflower (Helianthus annuus) obtained in plants grown from seeds exposed to space conditions, only the mature tissues such as leaf and flower could be used for DNA extraction after mutation characteristics were confirmed. The rich contents of polysaccharides, tannins ... more

J.T. Li; D.C. Chen; X.L. Zhang; Z.S. Tang; J. Yang
CTAB; DNA; Mate; Molecular studies; Silica gel

Mate (Ilex paraguariensis) leaves are popular for consumption as an infusion, which provides various health benefits due to its nutraceutical properties. Leaf samples oxidize after harvesting, requiring special handling to avoid DNA damage or degradation by enzymatic or oxidative activities. The objectives of this work were to evaluate several methods for ... more

K.H. Lencina; J.M.B. Freitas; L. Essi; N. Pimentel; D.A. Bisognin
Euglena gracilis; Reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction; RNA isolation; Sodium dodecyl sulfate-Tris

RNA isolation is essential to the study of gene expression at the molecular level. However, it is difficult to isolate RNA from organisms that contain large amounts of polysaccharides or other compounds that bind or coprecipitate with RNA, such as the unicellular protist Euglena gracilis. Currently, there is no commercial kit available that is specific for the isolation of high- ... more

D. González-Mendoza; A. Morales-Trejo; H. Brito-Vera
Ethanol; PVP; RNA isolation; RT-PCR; Sunflower seeds; β-mercaptoethanol

In an attempt to isolate high-quality, intact total RNA from sunflower (Helianthus annuus) seeds for investigation of the molecular mechanisms of mutations, we tested various procedures, using kits, including RNAiso Plus, RNAiso Plus+RNAiso-mate for Plant Tissue, Trizol, and the Qi method, but no high-quality total RNA of high integrity was obtained with any of these methods, ... more

J. Yang; X.B. Ma
Banana; Black leaf streak disease; Mycosphaerella fijiensis; Polyphenols; Polysaccharides; RNA isolation

High polyphenol and polysaccharide levels in plant tissues such as banana fruit and leaves constitute a significant challenge to the extraction of sufficient amounts of high-quality RNA required for cDNA library synthesis and molecular analysis. To determine their comparative effectiveness at eliminating polyphenols, polysaccharides and proteins, three protocols for RNA extraction from ... more

C.M. Rodríguez-García; L. Peraza-Echeverría; I.R. Islas-Flores; B.B. Canto-Canché; R. Grijalva-Arango
CTAB-LiCl; Gene expression; Nelumbo nucifera; RNA isolation; RT-PCR

Nelumbo nucifera is widely used as food, as an ornamental, in medicine, and as packing material; it is also reported to have anti-HIV effects and antioxidant capacity. We sought an improved method for extracting high-quality total RNA from different tissues of N. nucifera. Four methods for RNA extraction were assessed for their ability to recover high-quality RNA ... more

Y.J. Zhang; X.Y. Hao; Z.S. Liang; W.D. Ke; H.B. Guo