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Chili Pepper; Complex trait; Genetic map; Molecular markers; Quantitative trait loci

Genetic mapping is very useful for dissecting complex agronomic traits. Genetic mapping allows for identification of quantitative trait loci (QTL), provide knowledge on a gene position and its adjacent region, and enable prediction of evolutionary mechanisms, in addition to contributing to synteny studies. The aim of this study was to predict genetic values associated with different ... more

M.M. Moulin; R. Rodrigues; C.S. Bento; L.S.A. Gonçalves; J.O. Santos; C.P. Sudré; A.P. Viana
cluster analysis; Molecular markers; Opuntia germplasm; Polymorphism; Random amplified polymorphic DNA; Tunisian collection

Opuntia ficus indica is one of the most economically important species in the Cactaceae family. Increased interest in this crop stems from its potential contribution to agricultural diversification, application in the exploitation of marginal lands, and utility as additional income sources for farmers. In Tunisia, O. ficus indica has been affected by drastic genetic ... more

B. Zarroug; G. Baraket; L. Zourgui; S. Souid; S. Hannachi
Genetic polymorphism; Leptin; Leptin receptor; Obesity; β3-adrenergic receptor

Obesity is due to the combined effects of genes, environment, lifestyle, and the interactions of these factors. The adrenergic receptor β3 (β3-AR), leptin (LEP) and leptin receptor (LEPR) genes have been intensively evaluated in the search of variants that could be related to obesity and its cardiometabolic complications. The results of most of these studies have ... more

S.F.P. Duarte; E.A. Francischetti; V.A. Genelhu; P.H. Cabello; M.M.G. Pimentel
Diabetes mellitus; Diabetic gastroparesis; Endothelin; Gastric evacuation rate; Irbesartan; Leptin

Diabetic gastroparesis (DG) is a common clinical complication of diabetes mellitus. Leptin may cause delayed gastric emptying in the central and peripheral pathways. Microcirculatory disturbances in the stomach make gastric smooth muscles and nerves hypoxic-ischemic, thereby impairing gastric motility. Irbesartan is an angiotensin II (ATII) receptor blocker that indirectly decreases serum ... more

L. He; Y. Sun; Y. Zhu; R. Ren; Y. Zhang; F. Wang
Adiponectin; Adult GHD; Leptin; Visfatin

We aimed to determine the significance and changes in leptin, adiponectin (ADP), and visfatin levels in adults with growth hormone deficiency (GHD). Forty adults (19 men, 21 women) who had been diagnosed with GHD comprised the observation group, while 36 healthy adults (18 men, 18 women) were used as the control group. Fasting venous blood was collected to detect leptin, ADP, and ... more

Z.P. Li; M. Zhang; J. Gao; G.Y. Zhou; S.Q. Li; Z.M. An
ACOX1 gene; Cattle; PCR-SSCP; SNP; Ultrasound traits

Acyl-coenzyme A oxidase 1 (ACOX1) is the first enzyme in peroxisomal fatty acid β-oxidation; it is rate-limiting and plays a key role in fatty acid metabolism and fat deposition. ACOX1 is an important candidate gene for meat quality selection through marker-assisted selection. Genomic structural analysis showed that bovine ACOX1 shares 86% identity with human ACOX1. Using PCR-SSCP ... more

Y. Jiao; L.S. Zan; Y.F. Liu; H.B. Wang