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Covariance functions; Parametric functions; Segmented polynomials; Test-day

We analyzed 152,145 test-day records from 7317 first lactations of Holstein cows recorded from 1995 to 2003. Our objective was to model variations in test-day milk yield during the first lactation of Holstein cows by random regression model (RRM), using various functions in order to obtain adequate and parsimonious models for the estimation of genetic parameters. Test-day milk yields ... more

A.B. Bignardi; E. Faro; R.A.A.Torres Júnior; V.L. Cardoso; P.F. Machado; L.G. Albuquerque
Covariance function; Dairy cattle; Genetic parameters; Milk yield persistency

With the objective of evaluating measures of milk yield persistency, 27,000 test-day milk yield records from 3362 first lactations of Brazilian Gyr cows that calved between 1990 and 2007 were analyzed with a random regression model. Random, additive genetic and permanent environmental effects were modeled using Legendre polynomials of order 4 and 5, respectively. Residual variance was ... more

R.J. Pereira; R.S. Verneque; P.S. Lopes; M.L. Santana; M.R. Lagrotta; R.A. Torres; A.E.Vercesi Filho; M.A. Machado
Covariance function; Genetic correlation; Growth traits; Legendre polynomials; Santa Inês sheep

Polynomial functions of different orders were used to model random effects associated with weight of Santa Ines sheep from birth to 196 days. Fixed effects included in the models were contemporary groups, age of ewe at lambing, and fourth-order Legendre polynomials for age to represent the average growth curve. In the random part, functions of different orders were included to model ... more

J.L.R. Sarmento; R.A. Torres; W.H. Sousa; R.N.B. Lôbo; L.G. Albuquerque; P.S. Lopes; N.P.S. Santos; A.B. Bignard; J.L.R. Sarmento; R.A. Torres; W.H. Sousa; R.N.B. Lôbo; L.G. Albuquerque; P.S. Lopes; N.P.S. Santos; A.B. Bignard
Ancestry; Microsatellites; Synthetic breed; Taurine; Zebu

The International Society of Animal Genetics (ISAG) has chosen nine microsatellites (international marker set) as a standard that should be included in all cattle parentage studies. They are BM1824, BM2113, INRA023, SPS115, TGLA122, TGLA126, TGLA227, ETH10, and ETH225. We decided to ascertain whether this microsatellite set could be used to determine ancestral proportions in ... more

H.M.S. Bicalho; C.G. Pimenta; I.K.P. Mendes; H.B. Pena; E.M. Queiroz; S.D.J. Pena
Candidate genes; Cattle; DGAT1; PCR-RFLP; Zebu

Recent reports identified DGAT1 (EC harboring a lysine to alanine substitution (K232A) as a candidate gene with a strong effect on milk production traits. Our objective was to estimate the frequency of the DGAT1 K232A polymorphism in the main Zebu and Taurine breeds in Brazil as well as in Zebu x Taurine crossbreds as a potential QTL for marker-assisted selection ... more

G.A. Lacorte; M.A. Machado; M.L. Martinez; A.L. Campos; R.P. Maciel; R.S. Verneque; R.L. Teodoro; M.G.C.D. Peixoto; M.R.S. Carvalho; C.G. Fonseca
Beef cattle; Marker assisted selection; QTL; SNP; Zebu

We analyzed the polymorphisms TFAM HaeIII, TFAM MboI and FABP4 MspA1I in three Nellore lines selected for growth in order to evaluate how selection affects the frequencies of these polymorphisms and evaluate their association with growth and carcass traits in Zebu cattle. Birth, weaning and yearling weights, rump height, longissimus muscle area, backfat ... more

D.R. Ayres; F.R.P. Souza; M.E.Z. Mercadante; L.F.S. Fonseca; H. Tonhati; J.N.S.G. Cyrillo; S.F.M. Bonilha; L.G. Albuquerque